This last month has been amazing for me.

I faced my past despite all my fears was adopted and welcomed into an amazing family and I met a lot of them all of them treat me like I was always a member.
I posted a while back I'm broken beyond repair I still feel I am but the love I'm getting from these amazing people is enough to make the damage seem not so bad, I'm a chipped cup in a china set but if you arrange the set in a certain way you can't see the chip.
they say blood is thicker than water if my new family is water then they have washed away the blood it doesn't matter to them that I am broken that I'm not their blood they see me as a person unlike my blood who saw me as an annoyance and object to be pushed around ignored or used for their own gain. I didn't have a childhood but with my family I can at least have a happy future. I'm broken but their love is like bubble wrap surrounding me holding me together keeping me from being broken further I feel safe with them and I love them they are my family now.
Bluelanterndodgerstark Bluelanterndodgerstark
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

You are very strong for everything you've endured. Good for you hun! ❤️