Pink Plastic Punishment Pants

When I was a bad young boy my mom always punished me.  One of the most outstanding punishments I ever received was to be a very embarassing and painful punishment.  I remember wetting my bed and this infurated my mom.  I was ******** of my clothing and put over my moms lap and severely spanked butt.  Something happened during the spanking.. I lost control of my bladder and wet all over my moms lap.. She was furious.  She threw me off her and started to yell at me for this stunt as she called it.  She then put me into a pair of pink plastic pants and call me her little girl who piddled in her pants.  She then proceeded to finish the spanking with the plastic pants in place. The pants that were wet and  hot  really hurt and got my butt really  warm.  This was my iniation to this kind  of spanking of the future to come. After this any time I was a bad boy I was told to put on my pink pants and prepare my self for a good spanking.. This is wahy  call them my punishment pants

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Even though I've never got up the nerve to ask her ; about her enjoying seeing me wearing just my plastic panties and spanking my cute little bottom ? I'am really sure she must have ! because she was always dressing me in the shortest little tight fitting short shorts with skin tight plastic panties under my little short shorts ! not only did she make alot of coments about my cute little bottom , she also made coments about my cute shapely legs , by saying > you've got the cutest litle bottom and legs that I've ever seen on a boy ! I mean when she would spank me > she would usually spank me by first pulling my little short shorts down to my knees and leaving my tight plastic panties on me , then as the spanking continued she would pull my tight little plastic panties down and spank my smooth little bare bottom and finish off by spanking the backs of my legs ! I always ended up after a spanking , with hand prints on the back of my legs and my bare bottom ! after she was was done spanking me this way , she would make me go and stand facing the corner ...... and I would hear her make coments like > would you just look at that red little welted little bottom and red legs ...... that will taech you to behave ! the only thing it made me do , was get turned on by the entire process !!!!!! that's why I'am so addicted to wearing plastic panties today and being spankled ! But I tell you , I love this fetish ! no harm done here ! boy scotty

plasticpanties2 > Yes its true .... my mom was always telling me what a cute little bottom I had ... I sometimes wonder ? I think she liked seeing me in my cute little plastic panties and spanking that cute little bottom of mine ! boy scotty

Well, if your mom said you had a cute littel bottom you probably do. And it seems she liked spanking you in this erotic way. I can't see any argument that it's real discipline, so she must have been attracted to you dressed like this. Did you ever speak to her about it when you got older? Do you know what sort of men she liked as partners? Of course your memory is a "wet dream" for most little boys who'd just love to be spanked in plastic panties... and allowed to go hide in the corner to play with themselves.

@rubberpantiesboy - That's an extra-ordinary story. Is it true? My domme-wife used to treat me like this, but she knew it was an emotional and sexual situation - and so she would make me *** in them. It was heaven. I loved the emotional feeling of being free of guilt and just being good for her. I was a good little slave baby. So I'm fascinated by your post. Tell us more!

Every night before I went to bed At the age of 9 My mom also use to punish me for wetting the bed again by making me wear tight fitting pink rubber panties with white frilly lace around the legs and no diapers on ! when I woke in the morning , if I had wet my rubber panties ? she would give me a good spanking while I still had my wet rubber panties on using an old leather razor strap ! omg did that hurt ! but after a few months of this type of punishments , I started to get a hard on every time she would spank me this way ! And after the spanking , I'd hide somewhere and pull my cute little rubber panties down and ********** to a wonderful ****** !!! Today I'am 58 and still love wearing tight fitting pink rubber panties and being spanked !!!! boy scotty