My Little Buddy!

My little 3 year old niece is one of the best things that happened in my life.

Despite the fact that she's so young.....she's also REALLY smart! And she knows what to do to get her way.

For instance: We were talking about what to get my mom for her birthday, and Kylie says: I know what we can get Granny! We can get her the Tinkerbell movie so that I can watch it!

And my birthday is 6 days after my mom's, so I ask Kylie what my parents should get for me. And Kylie boldly says: The Tinkerbell movie 2!

And whenever she's at my parents house she goes straight for my room, opens it up and says: C'mon Aunt Brittany, let's go cook!

Cause that's what we do, we cook with her little plastic kitchen and we watch movies. Her favorites are some of the movies that I liked to watch when I was about her age, like The Lion King, Free Willy and Snow White.

But she really is something else. And I'm glad I have a niece like her!
DoctorChurchie DoctorChurchie
22-25, F
Aug 26, 2011