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A ***** Sucking Day

I have been playing with my own nipples and massaging my own breasts frequently for the past several days. For some reason this week, my nipples have demanded that I “service” them frequently. I just cannot seem to get enough. My breasts have stayed hard and ready for massage and nipple play. My desire seems insatiable. I am on overdrive.

I've been away from my husband for a month and we have not been that active sexually for the last two years. I determined that when I came to visit this weekend that I would simply ask for him to suck my ******* because they were SOOOOO needy. I was very blunt.

When I arrived from the airport, it was early afternoon. We had some sandwiches at home after arriving home. Our child was not coming home from school for 3 more hours; so, I asked my husband what he thought we needed to get done today. He said that he did not know. Then, in a very matter of fact tone, I said that we should shower together and that he should then suck my ****. He looked at me with great surprise and then said OK like we were deciding to wash dishes together or something.

Our shower together was sensuous and full of touch but no *******. We moved to the bed. He went after my nipples with great gusto. I told him over and over how wonderful it felt, and I asked for him to bite, tug and pull. He won’t “light slap” my breasts, but I did. I worked as hard as he did pleasuring my *******. The nipple work was fantastic—lots of sucking with vigor and wonderful tongue play while massaging my breasts. Over and over he made yummy circles around my nipples and nibbled on my nipples. This nipple play lasted a good 30 minutes or more before he started guiding me down to suck his ****.

I really appreciated the extended nipple time. I was incredibly horny and willing to suck his **** for a long, long, time. Unfortunately we were interrupted with a phone call and he never came to ******. I brought out the vibrator and used it on my ***** while he went back to work on the ****. I think he got the message that this was ***** day!

We awoke this morning after sleeping nude together and I began pressing my erect nipples against him. He was amazed that I wanted more. I lifted my breast to his mouth and he did another 15 minutes of excellent sucking and caressing.He seemed to really enjoy himself. Woo hoo! 

Even though I have had an incredible 24 hours with two long periods of great sucking, I confess that I want MORE and MORE. I want hard sucking and massaging. I want slight biting. I want him to lightly slap. I want him to take lots of time to suck and suck and suck. His tongue has been doing some good work though. I must give him points for getting busy and giving me stimulation where I can just lay back and experience the joy over and over again. Oh yeah! ***** bliss!

Busty5 Busty5 51-55, F 50 Responses May 2, 2010

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i too sucked my wife brests

I am male from ipoh and have insatiable nips.i play with them often every day

I too live in Ipoh and though being a male have to rub and play with my horny nipples whenever I go to the toilet to ease myself.It would be a pleasure meeting you to discuss on horny nips.regards,amar

My ex-wife did not want me touching her breasts. Then again she did not really want me touching her at all! Why she is my Ex-Wife! There is life after divorce guys. A much happier one at that!

I am a male and am 67 years old.the problem is that my wife does not seem to have time for me so I just play with my nips.I feel horny like you and do love making to self playing with my nips.regards.omar

I absolutely love *** and nipple play...

Mine hardly sucks .... I really get frustrated !!!

Great story!! I love servicing my wife's 42DD. Hands or mouth, just can't seem to get enough of them.

most of girls like **** to b sucked

I love your story your marriage sounds alot like mine except I can't get my hubby to spend that kind of time on breasts good luck.

its been so long since i have had them done, but i did have a gf i met who worked em for a good hour, it was nice i would love to lactate

I can so understand that but my man is more of a turn on for me, I did say something about that once to him but he did not want that he says if it happened by nature we would deal so no hope there. Lots of luck hope you get lots more breast play

i feel the same way, i want mine sucked 24/7

I wouldn't need asking twice!

What a dream of a lady you are ! I love to play with a girl's **** especially if she likes to let me pull hard on her nipples and to lightly bite and slap her ****. This story makes me so happy. More stories please.

Gud one

Excellent story! You express yourself very well!

I LOVE suckling my wife's all natural 48EE *******. I've always been a breast man.

A woman I love to make Love Too

I am 67 years wife is of the same age.When i ask for foreplay and love she ignores me. I on the other hand get fiesty and my nipples get tense asking to be sucked.I rub them and cry to myself.Is anyone out there to help.I live at Ipoh in Malaysia

Wonderful story. I just love how you just told him frankly what you needed like a grocery list, "Pick up bread, get milk, suck my nipples", LOL. That was great. Wish I knew more like you who would love to have their breasts worshiped.

I love to suckle where can I find a woman to pleasure?

I know how you feel having almost same problem with my husband he just does not get how much I love him playing and sucking with my ****. I will have tho see if I give more BJ's if that will help god luck with yours just don't give up I get a littlr more all the time just remember to talk to them it seems to help us

Very nice story :)

Wow, sexy story. Thanks for sharing.

Dam phones have interupped more **** sucking than kids . No texting talking or answering phones during sex.

that was a great experience you shared with us, you are a beautiful woman to not only enjoy yourself but to want your husband to enjoy you just as much.

Sooooo HOT!!!! I played with my **** and pinched my own nipples while reading your story. What a great relationship!!

WOW! Great Story! I got so very Hard from just reading and pitchering it happening. Id love to be there to help you out as I have a very hard 8incher and a very talented tongue and of course my fingers to be able to pleasure you. I love sucking on ******* as I could do it all day and night and at anytime. If possible, Do you enjoy titfucking? Its phenominal! Please email me any pics of you if its cool to: thanks and nipple sucking.

ohh my nipples feels so needy reading this!!!!! cant keep my hand of them!!!

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing. :)<br />
<br />
I've found that once you've experienced extended nipple can never go back to what you had before...without really craving it in the worst way. At least that's the way I am. In fact...I don't wear a bra when I'm at home...just so I can have easy access to the girls...and fondle and play with them as much as I want to. :)

Yes... it's trully blissful feeling... I hope you are still getting a lot of ***** action... it's not always easy to get it ;) and I can totally relate to wanting MORE and MORE... it feels almost like an addiction ;)

Busty,<br />
Like all your commentors I too love to play a ladies nipples-- For hours on end if she likes.

Ha Bust5. We are at the age when penitration is no longer the turn on that nipple stimulation is. When I discovered that my wife likes to have her nipples played with, I invited one of my friends to play with my wifes nipples. I told him to only do it when I wasn't looking, just to see what she would say. When she seemed to enjoy it and she kept it a secret from me, I told her that I knew about her and John's little secret. She looked surprised until I told her that I wanted to have John over for a *********. She said that she didn't want to do anything but have her nipples sucked, so John sucked one and I sucked the other. She really enjoyed that.

I agree - at our age other aspects of sex are just as good or better than intercourse. We've also had the experience of having a male friend join so we could both suck on her nipples at the same time.

Wow, I'm in Texas as well, wonder how close you are to me? Anyhow, my wife had a boob job before I met her. I really could care less about the size, it's all about the nipple and the feeling my partner gets from me doing what I like to do best which is lick and suck all over them. Unfortunately the boob job left my wife with little or no feeling when I do suck them. I'm the only one who gets any satisfaction and knowing she isn't...well that makes it hardly any fun. I wish I could tell every woman out not enhance, you ruin lots of fun.

I just love your stories Busty,I think I'll be one of your fan from now on. *S* Take care hun.

great story-demand more often-I'm sure he won't complain ;-)

A very sexy hot story. I love sucking on my wifes **** and I always get a hard on when I'm sucking on her ****. I suck,lick bite and twist. She really likes it and gets really excited, but she has never had an ****** from it. I always make sure she has an ****** by eating her ***** though because I want to watch her enjoy an ******. She in turn nibbles,bites licks and sucks my nipples and then sucks my **** to near climax and then she gets on top and we **** till we both reach ******. ***** play is definately pleasureable and necessary. Really enjoyed your story.

You go girl, the squeaky wheel gets the grease

A friend has a device which attaches to each nipple and she is able to *** (just from nipple stimulation) when she turns it on. It is an electric device - not cheap, I'm sure. It is a pleasure just to watch when she uses this on herself. I am able to service her for sometime after she **** with this device. She is just a total pleasure.

Wow, this tory made me really hard. Thank you.

busty babe

Wow...thats a question any normal man would love to hear...(at least one with a pulse).


Being aware of my husband's growing erection while he is sucking my **** is awesome. I'm not sure I've ever been able to give him a hand job while he was attending to my **** though. I tend to lay back and just go wild with pleasure. One of my pleasures is awareness of his hard-on, but I'm hardly able to pleasure him at the same time when we are in this situation. I'm just too far "gone". We tend to 'take turns". :-)

Sucking my **** does usually help him keep "it" up. LOL

I've decided to just be bold and ask for more. LOL. Best wishes!

Im so happy for you!! I got so nipple play today to. Nothing like you but a little hoping for somemore later...

Good for you!!! Never give up on that nipple pleasure!

I do need self play and my imagination to satisfy my appetite. Thanks for your comments.

How wonderful for u! I think a little self play is in order to satisfy your insatiable appetite!

Oh Busty - I'm so envious!! I can't wait till my bf is here and my **** get his fullest attention. In the meantime, I use my hands and overly active imagination.