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Feeling Muuch Better Now

My husband and I need a change in our relationship.  Seriously....we do.  He has some of his friends over to jam with him.  He is an electric and acuostic guitar player.  Loves to play guitar.  He used to be in several bands when he was younger.  I'm more sedate than that.  More on the quiet side of life.  But I also have my pleasure/pain side which he doesn't understand AT ALL.  However, we don't have sex much anymore.  I'm lucky if we do it once a month.

Yesterday and today I've been here on EP reading stories, finding websites to visit, and looking at pictures.  And what do you think happened??  YUP....I got horny as all get out!!  I enjoy reading the stories about ANR, BDSM and the like.  I've joined a few groups that interest me quite alot, ANR, breastfeeding adults, watched a few short clips of women being suclked and enjoyed every minute of them!  Today.......I did something about it.  Hopefully it will be the start of change in my household.  I texted my husband asking if he was still kamming and he responded Yes he is.  I then asked him, ' Before you go to play, would you suck my ****?'  (That is word for word)

He immediately called me.  He said he didn't expect that response.  I asked him if it surprised him and he yes, of course it did.  I was thiunking to myself, good!!  It SHOULD have surprised you!  I told him verbally that I wanted him to suck on my **** when he got home.  He said see you in a few minutes.

He didn't need much prodding to give me what I wanted.  I pulled down my bra and tank top below my ******* and he went to town!!  How wonderful it felt!!!  I made him suck them until he finally told me he needed to go get ready to jam.  So I had about a good 15 minutes of ***** time.  It was wonderful!! I let him how how good it feels for me that he does this and hopefully tonight he'll do this again.  I'm hoping.

For now, though, I am feeling so much better than I did before he got home.

needcloseness needcloseness 51-55, F 16 Responses Jun 25, 2010

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I can't get my husband to do anything. He has no libido, and refuses to touch me met alone suck my breasts. They so desperately need to be sucked on when they hurt and they hurt all of the time. Sometimes they hurt so much that I can squeeze milk out of them and I suck on my own. This gets me so turned on that I feel like I'm going to explode. I wet myself just telling you this.

I love getting my **** sucked. I just moan with pleasure when my man sucks on them. I love it when he beats my nipples with his tongue. He loves sucking on them because I get so much pleasure. I swear I get ******* from getting sucked.

I just had and gave a merciless experience.
Chatted with a woman on dating site.
Some of the things we chatted about were her liking her breasts and nipples played with and lots of kissing.
We arranged to meet, just to meet, at my place.
Chatted for a while, no real chemistry, but getting on.
I just thought I'd give her a kiss to break the ice.
She responded very well. One thing lead to another & my hand massaged her boob with no negative resistance.
So slipped my hand in, encouragement, so pulled the size E cup out, massaged it some more.
Lifted the other one out as well.
Started sucking one 1, gently at first, she was appreciative but not so much.
I then took as much in my mouth as I could and sucked a bit harder and pressed my tongue squeezing the boob to the roof of my mouth, this got a lot more response! Flicking the nipple with my tongue while having as much in my mouth as I could fit, even more response, positive.
So sucked even harder much more response, so harder, scarily so! Almost immediately she ******’d, looking up into her eyes I saw she was so surprised, amazed by what was happening to her but totally overcome sighing and moaning the works! More the harder I sucked. As she came down, I moved to the other one giving it similar treatment, with almost immediately the same response!
Then went back to kissing wow.
Then encouraged to go back to sucking, same again, to get her to ****** had to suck real hard. She encouraged me to!
Then she said she’d never had so much attention paid to her boobs and never had that response.
So carried on like that for a while. I then slipped my hand between her legs (outside pants) with a very positive response and even bigger ******, while sucking her boobs, I was surprised to find she was wearing a pad!
Women menstruating are supposed to be less sensitive, so can’t wait for next experience when she is not!
She said her boobs had come out bruised but by the next morning were not sore.

That's a magnificent way to brighten up your marriage and relationship! I have been lucky to have three ANR relationships, and for me, having a woman crave the time spent (sometimes mutual) breastfeeding was just the most bonding experience. I wish you all success in your newly found enjoyment. It will likely progress to a full ANR or ABR, with all the benefits that you have been seeking, especially improving your sex life and closeness of your relationship, whether wet nursing or dry nursing. Happy Trails!

Thanks for sharing. I'm having a hard time telling my husband I need my nipples sucked. I become almost painfully horny trying to suppress the need.

I would be glad to help you out or any one else for that matter! I just looooooooove sucking on some boobies!!<br />
<br />
Sean in Michigan

Very nice, you must have been soaked by the time he finished with you. I would love to suck on your breasts for ages.

Now that you have a response from him keep it up. Text him at work with "I need you to suck my breasts tonight." have him take you to the movies and whisper in his ear, "I want my breasts sucked when you get home." The trick is to be playful and not demanding. Good luck and have fun

Wear a sheer top and panties to leave no doubt as to your desire....get him to suckle more and you will feel him walk in the room. It is an amazing sensation! Since we started a journey toward full lactation, my breasts are soooo sensitive, that all he has to do is call and my nipples are tingling. He gets home and WOW do I feel the need for him to give them attention. Now when I really want to convey my "need" I put on a sheer top, leave it open, and matching "cheeky" lace panties. mmmmmm do I ever get the attention I was craving :-)

nice storie... next time tank top no bra... your **** will in enjoy ....

Never underestimate the power of a horny woman! Ask and you shall receive.

MY wife was 4/11,38dd, she loved her **** sucked on,,as I think most women do enjoy it,,,,,,,,,I sure miss thoes days,,,,

Thank you for your responses all! malover~ I DID have a wonderful time! <br />
Busty5~ I am soo glad I asked and it was vary difficult for me to that. He came back in the house a couple of hours later and told me he told his jam buddies I 'was in need of relief'. He sucked my boobs more!<br />
ServeMistressP~ What a wonderful invitation you have put before me! He did not bite them nor suck them as hard as I would have liked, but having opened the door hopefully will help in his being taught what I enjoy. I will message you shortly.

I'm very happy for you, little one, and I became very aroused reading this. There's something about you asking him to suckle on your breasts -- nothing else -- that excites Me. I can only hope that he sucked your nipples hard enough -- maybe even bit them -- to give you some of the delicious pain ]know you crave...I know I couldn't draw your breasts into My mouth without sucking them so deep and hard you were sore for days...taking each nipple between My teeth to scrape, then bite you until you moaned...<br />
<br />
If you're interested, girl, in this and more of the service and pain you crave, message Me.<br />
<br />

I wish you would do that to my nipples. They are begging to be sucked on and made to feel a lil sore.

Sometime we just have to be bold and ask. Keep us posted on your suckling fun. Good luck.

I am glad that you had your husband suckle on your must have been good. wishing you have a wonderful time