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Hot Mouth!

i was playing around with my husband last night. i tried everything to get him to be intimate with me. he wouldn't.

i joked around when he was eating cake and told him i wanted him to suck chocolate syrup off of my nipples. i was actually dead serious when i said it, i only said it jokingly because of the mood he was in. rejection doesn't hurt as bad when you are joking around.

i love the feeling of his hot mouth on my nipples, licking and nipping and pulling. oh god! i miss that!
LoverAbove LoverAbove 26-30, F 12 Responses Aug 9, 2010

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It was only a curious fun when I first suckled a girl's breasts. I said there isn't any milk. She smeared milk chocolate. I found it very sweet licking from her breasts and nipples.

Such a shame you have to joke around about it. I would be there for you. I wish i could suck that chocolate off your sweet nipples. Ummmm Ummmm.

Love to suck on your nipples and squeeze your breast during a nice long sensual massage

I want a mouth on my nipples any guys?

Email is

honey, you gotta come to me!

did he do it.i would and then put some on my **** and let you suck it off.

Find a man who loves to make youfeel good this way.

Your hubby needs to learn a lesson about neglect...If you neglect a car pretty soon it will leave you stranded...if you neglect a wife pretty soon she will leave you stranded...when she finds a high performance model. dc

Next time, whip off your shirt, pour chocolate syrup on your breasts, and ask him if he'd like to taste you instead of that cake. If the schmo just keeps eating cake, then you know he's a potential fat dud waiting to happen and you'd better tell him to shape up or you'll find someone who would find you more appealing than a piece of cake. Let's see..... piece of cake vs. piece of ***..... this should in no way be a difficult decision!

I think this makes me really sad . . .

Wow chocolate syrup and he turned it, I would have jumped on that in a heartbeat. Unfortunately my wife with her boob job has very little feeling there, so I can only get so much enjoyment, knowing she doesn't really feel it.

OH, I know! If they are hungry and desparate acting that makes me hornier than anything!