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My Breasts Ache Non Stop Now

Having a man suckle on my nipple had alway been a need for me, and by that I mean a real physical need like one needs air to stay alive, As long as I can remember I have needed someone to lick,bite and suckle my nipples. My first experience was in boarding school, I was 15 and I got hookedm every boyfriend I had needed to be a breast man.
In my 20's if/ when I didn't have a man around, a few girl friends would do it for me and I would do it for them- and no, I'm not a lesbian  and have no interest in becoming one (and there's nothing wrong if you are), my need was getting more intense but still under control, The peace it gave me was unparalled, and he made me more focused.
Then , I only indulged 2 or 3 times a week, a few hours of suckling,, and my sanity was intact.
Until I met a man I feel madly in love with.  I couldn't come right out with this need I have, so I eased him into it. Both of us being very sexual, we had inercourse every day. When we would make love I would ask him to spend inordinate amounts of time on my breasts. He didn't mind, -I'm told they are lovely,soft and smooth- but I needed more, so one night, as we were on the sofa reading, I asked him if he would do something for me, his reply was "of course, baby, what do you need?" I guess, he didn't know it then, but yes, I needed this. I opened my pjs top, and let one breast out. He looked at me, grinning, and I said, "Can you please suckled on it?" my expression was serious, and it was not about having intercourse afterwards, and I told him so. He wasn't detrerred and latched on. As I felt his tongue scrap my nipple,and his hand softly squeeze my breast into his mouth, the familiar sensation of utter peace returned. My hand was running though his blond hair, slightly massaging his scalp, and he moaned. I think he was the first surprised at his own reaction, he kept on suckling, and soon he was actually whimpering, and seeking my other breast. this went on for almost an hour, and I was in heaven, I had closed my eyes and only reopened them when the motions stopped. He had fallen asleep at my breast.
I didn't see him in the morning- different schedules- , so had no idea of what he thought of the previous night, but the next day, as I was working I was thinking of him, and my nipples started to crave his mouth. A sharp physical craving. I couldn't believe this was happening.I have a high pressure job, and control has always been paramount in my life, but somehow, having him suckle on me the previous night had awoken my monstruous need.
My chest was heaving, my nipples were stiff, my breast felt heavy as if filled with lead. Before I knew, i wouldn't concentrate on anything anymore. I ended up  in the ladies room trying to alieve myself by caressing and pinching them whie ************, but while subsided, the need was still there.
I left work at 6pm which was unheard of instead of my regular 10 or 11 pm, and as I was hailing a cab to get home, I called him to see if if could meet me there. Unfortunately he also was working with crazy hours as mine and told me he would not be home until much later that evening. I was devastated.
When I got home that night, I had dinner on my own and did some work to try to distract myself from my aching nipples.To no avail. I had a cold shower before going to bed, hoping sleep would not elude me for too long. I somehow fell asleep, alone in our bed.
Some time later, my lover came to bed. I wouldn't have noticed, if he hadn't slipped one of my nipple between his moist lips, the cold contact waking me up. He held me tighter against him, and started to squeeze my breast into his warm mouth as if drinking from it. I moaned, I couldn't help it.I kissed the top of his hair,caressing his neck, holding him against me. We fell asleep in that position.
That night and for the next 7 years.
He explained to me the next morning that he felt peaceful the first night when I asked him to do this for me, and when he got home the following evening, he was exhausted, and suckling my breast was providing him the comfort he needed. From then on, my need of being suckled on,increased, but it was fulfilled daily, sometime 2 or 3 times then we would have additional sex. I was at peace and an even better achiever, so was he.
He became an expert at playing with my breasts, he took pinching, sucking, caressing and suckling to a new art form. I didn't realize he fed my addiction with the perfection of his art.
When the news of a transfer to the other side of the globe came in, things started to spiral out of control.
My need had been met daily and suddenly there was nothing, it was like detox from drugs I guess.
After one month of no physical contact, I couldn't bear it anymore, the ache was too strong. At  first I decided to just have a few one night stands, just to have a man lick and suck them, but that was not satisfying as one can imagine and I definitely was not at peace with the decision, then I turned to a lesbian girl friend asking her if she would do it for me just a few times a week, but  it eventually turned sexual andi I ended up frustrated,far from the peace I needed. I went cold turkey and stopped alltogether for almost a year, but the thoughts of being suckled again were too strong.
Now, I travel extenively and like the proverbial sailor, I need a man in every port, or shall I say every hotel, the need is too intense. I go to my hotel bars, knowing , I will pick up a man just for that specific purpose. I go to clubs, and end up in stalls my nipples in someone's mouth  just for a few minutes of peace, of relief.
I'm lucky, I'm a sexy woman, no one questions my motives, but inside, I'm  dying, just controlled by my all consuming need.

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Love to suck nipples

I am also a boob lover.......I love to take nippple of women in my mouth and and suck them for long hours......while sucking I would like to press the nipple areola with my lips and rub her nipple tip with my with my tongue.

The various positions of sucking I prefer.......

I am sitting in sofa and my girl on my lap..she take out her top and pushes her nipple in my mouth one after another.....I have sucked a girl until she became completely wet........

another position......I am lying in a bed and my girl take out her boob and push her nipple in my mouth and let me suck her boobs for long.

Apart from this being a male I got bigger nipples which are quite attractive......I love my nipples to be sucked as well by girls.

You are so hot iould love to suckle you

What a wonderful story. If you are in California, I would like to satisfy you as well. I have been interested in Suckling for sometime. I think it is so hot and rewarding for both of us

I am a male and have same cravings but every day and at four yo five hour intervals fiddle my breasts and nip.I just cannot find sometime to ease the agony of aching breasts and nipples

So Do I !

I Love boobs

If u love boobs thn suck n lick mine

you may think that this just another guy saying the same things like all the rest.. but truly I wish I could suckle your ****. fondle em... grope em... I myself crave the feeling I used to get when I slept with my ex girlfriend's **** in my mouth. I wish I could share it with you. I know it isn't possible. but I wish I could have your **** between my lips n teeth.

I wish i could suck your nipples

Where do you live

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

OK guy... but it's gonna cost you $50.00

can i get milk from my gf's boobs without getting her pregnant or having sex

if you need a place to stay in london , i have a house in west wick ham 0208 777 2609

I would prefer if you had a wig wam in nottingham

I suggest when you come back to your homeland w/ your husband, ask him to give you a breast massage. I am serious, not those from salon. Because during the process of your husband massaging them, from the outer part of the breast making circles with the palm to pressing the upper part with the thumb, to squeeze it softly, and tickling and "Seduce" your nipples, you will eventually moan and groan, and you will felt completely relaxed. Those *** licking or *** ******* are for extra purpose as it make make your books more heavy.

What do you feel when one of your nipple is sucked and the other one is pinched at the same time...there feels good too or not?

that was very enjoyable moment i realy enjoy it when my hubby suck my boobies

Feels good

Wow. I must say. After reading your story.. It was like a softcore ****. I liked it and I love my nipples sucked everyday by my boyfriend; he got me addicted to it.

Wow, this resonates with me. My urges have calmed down A LOT now but in the past I went through a very long phase which lasted many years, of wanting my nipples suckled daily and going through a few casual meets just to satisfy my needs. It was very difficult to find someone satisfied with breastplay alone without wanting sex.

As your post is a few years old now, I wonder if your urges are just as strong now

ya my man is sucking my...... without having sex

Add a response...

Oh thats been a lifelong dream for me..always being a bit too busty and yet never did find a breast man..
I fantasize about both my boobs being sucked at the same time but would like to leave it at just fantasy.
but oh to find a breast man-someone who could worship my boobs and make me ome again and again and yet again by just rubbing..rolling..pulling..spanking and sucking em..just imagining and writing it down makes me wet...

and to think I was embarrassed about this. I have been divorced two years and I am not interested in sex but I sure wish i could have my nipples sucked and even though they are full huge and firm, they lack the lenght required so I could suck them myself. Not a fan of pinching and pulling soft, caressing and deliberate strokes of the tongue does it for me.

This is a very unique problem to have. I love to fall asleep in my wife's bosom and she like for me to lay there. You had a good thing going till that damn job transfer. Hopefully you can find that special and safe relationship again.

This is bad i had a nippel craving and I know how you feel but dont cheat on the man you love

this is very blunt but omg i got so we t reading this

There is nothing more peaceful and satisfying than having a juicy ripe nipple to suck on. I know your a man I was hooked on breast feeding when my ex gave birth to our two children...I would nurse her dry every night she came to bed and get a little snack in before going to work.

The desire is so is such a bonding and comforting feeling that I crave to seek out a woman that will be my partner, to nurse, suckle and satisfy her breast with my warm wet lips.

You are not alone. Lately my nipples get so hard for what seems like no reason. I'm not able to satisfy my craving.
My husband has been going through a tough time, and he's not interested now. It has been hard.
I'm thinking about buying a pump though I know it's a poor substitute.

Wow, I didn't realise another women derived the same pleasure as me in having her nipples extensively suckled. My need has been so great that when I haven't been in a serious relationship, I have even resorted to getting a friend's dad who's now in his 70's to suckle me and on a few occasions had him and his friends pleasure me, so great is my desire, or should I say absolute need. It is like a uncontrollable addiction, I believe I have had even before I was sexually active. My marriage ended because while my husband was on a secondment away from home for 18 months I had sex with a neighbour who enjoyed suckling my nipples, the sex with him was of no interest to me I just craved having my nipples suckled. So glad I am not alone in my addiction.

I lost my husband and now find myself craving and unable to satisfy nipple sucking even with mechanical sucking.

you are not alone i am the same way , 24.7 i want mine licked, sucked, pinch, pulled, clamped, biten or whatever

I love my nipples sucked on and played with. Pull my hair, spank me and pull on my ****. I will be yours LOL.

I have wanted a full time relationship like that now. I want a man who is breast obsessed , wanting to suckle day and night ! Someone who is as serious and wanting me to induce lactation for him only. What a beautiful relationship that would be. Just the 2 of us in our own world , together, sharing and loving.

I felt the same exact way when I discovered ************, but I feel it's different since my need is self-sufficient...

A nice experience. I too like my breast to be sucked and nipples to be played. its a nice arousing feel to imagine someone unknown, forcing on you and play with the boobs and suck them.

I feel the same way as you do, love having them sucked, need to have them sucked daily! Need the right guy to do it!

If you and I would have ever meet it would have been good for you as well as myself as I am a breast man and can enjoy them for hours at a time.

hey b a help to urself sucking at ur own is amazing i do u shud try too and let me knw how it feels.........

Theres nothing I crave more than to latch onto a firm, full set of breasts and suckle for hours at a time...falling asleep with it in my mouth.

I'm with you! I love having my breasts sucked, played with, etc. I'm married and my husband does not give my breasts nearly enough attention. I'm looking for someone who wants to suck every available minute. Like you, I don't want it; I NEED it.

hi there, may i know wer r u nw? ur story made me horny n im a breast man so willing to help u

You are as normal as any lady on the street. You are more open and craved having your nipples manipulated. I love worshiping the breasts but we are too far apart. I might be the best in pleasuring you at your breasts as what some of my female friends said. Add me if you want to put your imagination with mine.

OMG...A woman just like me!! I've had a similar ache, craving. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted my breasts sucked, caressed, squeezed, pulled on, rubbed.... Never been lucky in the relationship department with a man who could meet this craving. Till M. Only when he's not around, the craving is as intense as ever. I've not thought of other women as I know of none who are bi or les now. :(

Add me to your list if you ever come to the west coast of Florida

Have you thought of ANR?

In a way i feel so frustrated for u, i also love my breasts suckled and played with, not just as often or as intensely as u, the need to have my breasts sucked does not interupt my day, but....when i am with my partner and sometimes like u, i will ask him to suckle on my breasts and he agrees to, i do get lost in a world of serenity and peace where i just lay in his arms, hold him close and he suckles on me for as long as i hold him really is quite intense... Usually when it ends, i do feel a lil greedy like i want more, i dnt want to let him stop. If i felt that intensity every moment of every day i would most likely....god i really dnt know what id do....But yes your right your breasts are beautiful..... Enjoying them is making the best of your situation....take care x :)

If you ever make it up to Vancouver BC I'd love to give your breasts a treatment that I hope you would remember fondly for a very long time :)

I identify with the craving--definitely intoxicating! Best wishes on meeting your intense need.

SE? you mean SE in the US? I'm more an international traveller, like HK,London ,Paris etc. In the US, I'm only in NYC and LA.

I wish I had known you a few years ago....I just don't enough no matter how much I nurse...Where do you travel? Anytime in the SE cities?