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Suck My Nipples

I am a  woman who is attracted to women with large breasts. I especially love large breasts with big  nipples. I myself have breasts with large nipples  as some of you may know that are extremely sensitive. Obviously, it gives me great pleasure to have my nipples sucked,bitten and touched. I really love for a man to touch his erect **** to my nipples while playing with my ****. 

When a woman sucks my nipples, I go wild. My favorite scenes in **** movies involve a woman sucking the nipples of another woman with large natural ****. I like so many before me, am getting wet and aroused writing this . I love for men to see my **** and get aroused watching me play with my nipples. I like to show off lots of cleavage by wearing low cut shirts when I go out and watch the men look at me.I also love to have older men suck and bite my nipples pull and pinch its much fun  I love to play with older guys and my *******. Women know just how to do it so good to have to nipples in my mouth at one time drives me wild ...... 

Caleb619 Caleb619 26-30, F 44 Responses Apr 20, 2010

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Who wants to (online) suck my huge nipples?
Ladies fell free ;)

I absolutely love breast play and nip teasing ughhh!!! Literally watching men suck my nips is a huge turn on!!! Older guys are sweeter mmmm :)

Thats the best. Suckin nipples is heaven

I agree i love big tiits n having my nipples sucked love big titts n sucking nipples

OK - where can we meet - I love your passion and share your desires...

oh yeah i want that

Are you here...

Where are located I would love to suckle your breast while pinch and pull my nipples now thats hot !

There is nothing I love more than getting my nipples sucked

Hi Terri !

Me to

WHERE Are you Terri ???

You're kidding me... right??

I'm a breast loving man, can you please add me to see those

Y'all have my pu''y dripping and my *** hard and ready

very interesting woman.i love u.i can lick suck u well to make u wet and nicly **** if u allow

So glad you know what you like,,,, I have great breasts and love to rub them on other girls and suck their nipples too..

I can play with my nipples for hours and it turns me on to see my lover lick them, hear the noise his tongue makes against them...I would love to find a female friend so we could suck and lick each other's **** for hours..moaning with endless pleasure...MMMMMMHHHH ! just to write this makes me so wet!

I too love to have my nipples suck real hard and long!

Welcome to E.P.
I saw your post about how you enjoy having your nipples sucked.
I just love latching on to a nice set of nipples for hours.

Yeah my long hard nips love it as well! I think I will sleep good tonight!

Its a very big turn on for me sucking and licking my womans breast I love it when her nipple stands up and begs for more and when my woman rubs my ****** around them it is so hard not to let go and cover the nipples with my sweet love it drives her crazy when I start to lick and suck it off while she does one and I do the other one

I have to say that I love my big black nipples sucked. My man just left from visiting me and he sucked my nipples so much. I loved it. He takes them out. I drove home from Chicago down south. In each state we visited, he took me **** out and started sucking my big black nipples. It wass so nice!!!!!

I could've written this myself, my nipples need constant attention and I can *** from just nipple play and sucking, Mmmmm

My tiitas are 35DDD's & in need of constant attention too. EVERY day i crave to have them sucked. I mean sucked hard! It drives me to a powerful big "O".
Always on the search for fun apparatuses, i came across some awesome nipple suckers! Now i use the big ones for sucking and the smaller ones for just the nipple itself. It gives the sensation of being milked. They are awesome!
I *** super intensely and i find my "O's" with my boyfriend so much better.
By the way...i play with my nipple toys by myself.

your expectation is really great. Its nice to have the boobs sucked by another female. just to watch the nipples beings sucked and bitten and the breast squeezed. .......its woooow.

One of my favorite things is when my huband sucks in my nipples. Drives me wild!

Iove to have my nipples sucked and nibbled on and bit it feels amazing.And girls know just how to do it. :)

Having a women suck your breasts is the best feeling ever! I can so relate to your story

I too love to get my nipples sucked, squeezed and used in a rough manner. I get excited to think of my boobs and nipples getting sucked and squeezed.

First,come up behind me, raising my hair and kiss the back of my neck as you wrap your arms around me holding my breasts tightly. Then, wrap my H cup breasts so tightly that my nipples protrude.Then sucked and bitten increasingly harder. I can come if done to my satisfaction. I need to take it over and over. I need my small pink nipples to swell and sting.
This is best when my arms tied over my head.

i want to suck your nipples

I would love you to suck, play, twist, pull on my nipples

Mmm. This story makes me so horny. I love my nipples being sucked and licked. I had to take them out and start playing after reading this. I also love to lick my own nipples. It feels so good, if I keep at it I can *** just from playing with my nipples.

I can drive my wife wild by nibbling her nipples at just the right roughness. I could do the same for you I guess.

me too, often I will fantasize about it, and my nipples get harder and tighter, would love to have an experience like that

Loved your story. I have large breast also and have recently experienced a new level of climax from having my breast sucked. I have recently started sucking my own and find it quite delightful!