The Most Unreal, Amazing ****** Ever!

I had the most incredible experience this week with a very special man in my life.

I'm so attracted to him and it's like my body craves his body. We've talked so much and gotten to know each other very intimately.

We instant message a lot during the day when we are at work. I can tell that he's really into me. So the other day, he comes on IM. Every time I see the little green light a smile comes to my face and my ***** gets wet. I don't remember what he said specifically to me this day in particular, but I got extremely turned on. My ***** started getting tight and contracting. I was getting wetter by the moment. I kept getting more and more turned on. I could feel the ****** starting. I had not touched myself or anything. I had my clothes on even.

But it didn't matter. The more he kept typing the closer I got and before I knew it I started *******. It was all I could do tell him what was happening with me. I had told him I was very wet and turned on.. but when I started *******, I couldn't type. It took over my entire body and I was shaking and convulsing uncontrollably. Like I do when I have *******. Of course he got really turned on and kept typing. The more he typed the harder my ******(s) was. It just kept going. I couldn't stop it. I was able to click the webcam button so he could see me. He kept typing and I just kept *******. I think it went on for about 20 to 25 minutes or so. I'm not sure. It was so intense. I could not stop it. It was so intense and lasting so long, I think he started to worry. I vaguely remember him typing if I was ok. I tried to type stop - but the letters were all messed up. But he understood somehow and he typed 'Relax' and some other things. It wasn't until I saw that and focused on it that it started to subside. It took a while for me come down from it. I felt amazing afterwards! As if we had just had physical sex together.

It was the most unreal, intense experience. I felt as if he was right there with me. It was amazing!

Has anyone else experience this kind of ******? One with no physical touch, where you aren't even naked, but your body reacts as if it was being thoroughly ******?
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Has he got a sister? :D

That is really awesome...

Sounds like an awesome experience, I wish I could have one of those when fully clothed .... Thanks for sharing :)

It was really awesome and very special. :)

Your description in your story definitely showed that... I am impressed :)

Oh good! I was having trouble verbalizing it. Thank you. You've made me feel better about posting it. I almost didn't.

Never feel bad about documenting your experiences thats what this site is for and I for one love to read and understand peoples experiences however outlandish they are..... Yours was most definitely up there :) x

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