Such Great Pleasure

Although I am able to give myself as many ******* as I want, especially with my vibrator, I still prefer having a man. I love to feel his **** deep in me. I love the feeling of it going in and out of me. All the movements he does to get me off and himself. And those ******* are special, they feel better. I don't have to have super deep ones all the time, but to have small ones over and over and over, is even better because it is non stop pleasure. And it takes a while to come down from them. Even right now as I am typinig this, I shudder with pleasure as I think about how great each thrust was. How great each movement was. A smile is on my face, my heart jumped a little and I got a tingling in my *****. Well done lover.
dragonteach dragonteach
46-50, F
3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

You just sound dreamy and I would love to spend the day/night with you and see how many of those little O's you CAN have and a maybe some of those ones that leave you writhing and gasping too!

I love having ******* and feeling sexual. My ex wife loves ******* everyday as much as possible and loves I love her command I **** her while her daughter watches and masturbates. My ex and I still have sex everyday and she and her 22 year old daughter love me **** the daughter hard and tell her to cry mommy I love it.

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