I Love My Nuk 5

I pop my pretty pink NUK 5 in my mouth when I get ready for bed and it stays there until I have to take it out in the morning.
When I'm dressed as a little girl I keep it on a long ribbon around my neck.
I love sucking it :)
waddlergirl waddlergirl
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Good for you! Don't your lips dry out? How did you get a PINK one? I have only seen WHITE ones. So, do tell, WHEN do you dress as a little girl? I think I'd prefer to be a girl myself, but that is another story.

1) I always clean my teeth and use a mouthwash before I put it in I think this helps
2) ebay (I think)
3)As often as I can which is not often enough for reasons I can't understand my friends often find it embarrassing when I do

And at bed time of course :)
but I don't need a ribbon on my dummy then.