I Love My Incky!

i am 18 and started sucking on a pacifer about a year ago when i was going through a hard time. my mom found it and threw is out but that didn't stop me i bought another one! now i have one i LOVE and can't sleep without it! it has helped me so much and soothes me so much!
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I love my binky I actually cry if I don't have it

I think it is cute when a young girl use an pacifier

Try to wear a diaper too for she can baby u

i bet you would look cute with one, add me and we will talk some time


know how you feel. i love my pacifier and feel so calm sucking on it i often forget that i have it in my mouth and walk around the guest house i run still sucking it, i have even gone outside succking it. so far it any has seen me they have not said any thing.

I very often forget I have mine in my mouth I could go all day with one in

I agree, i use my dummy whenever i'm stressed or worried it really helps.
keep on sucking
(i am typing this whilst sucking on mine)

It is a natural instinct, one of the first a baby has. Yes, they are comforting and soothing. I theorize that smoking cigarettes is an extension of the sucking impulse. Pacifiers taste better (I don't smoke and when you kiss someone who smokes, it is awful) and don't cause cancer. I wish you well.<br />
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As for your cutting yourself, you might need some professional help. Please, that is not an indictment or criticism.<br />
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Enjoy life!