How It Worked Out.

I used a pacifier for the first 3 years of my life, it was my constant companion. On my 3rd birthday, my mom took my binki away, and I spent four years of my life with out it.

When I turned eight, my mom asked me how I felt about a binki.
Remembering how comforting it was to me, I said OK, but also takes why she took it away, she said she was sorry but she had to so my teeth could develop properly, and make sure I spoke well.
She then proceeded to pull out the most beautiful binki I had ever seen. It was crystal blue, with a green tint on the sides.
I put it in my mouth not sure how it was going to feel, but as soon as I stared sucking on it, a huge wave of relaxation swept over me.
No I can't leave my house without one, and I sleep with one.
I've been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and my doctor thinks that my paci is the rest thing for it, and after seeing me, he reccomends it to everyone with the same problem now
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this is so sweet

Wise that your mother took away your binki at the age of 3 years, ifnen she knew you needed it. When used constantly as a toddler, it is possible that lisping can get a habit.

That a binki (today mainly orthodontic, soft) has adeveloping affect on your teeth is a **** - and - bull story, a fairy- tale for me.

I never had a binki as a baby, toddler or child, but my second teeth didn`t grow well and in good shape. 55 years ago, they took out one of the corner tooth, to make more space for the others. That my upper front teeth, are sticking out a bit, is the reason of not enough space. When I lost my first teeth, I used to press my tongue against the new grown and gapes, that could be a reason why they stick out a bit. A pacifier would have prevented that. That is why they made the NUK pacifiers in the 1950`s and it was advised to use them up to 7-8 years of age!

Getting missaligned teeths is more likely in your genetics or inherited. Children with a narrow or long face have more problems, that the second teeth grow well, than children with a wide or round face. Should a pacifier have an affect on it, that would be very limited. Round cherry type and hard silicone pacifiers could have a bit more affects on your teeth. Soft pacifiers (mainly latex) would be better.