Painted Toenails And Fingernails At Work

My name is Bobbi Lynn I have been working and living as a female for 5 years to date. I have always been so sissish I just loved having my toenails painted as well as my fingernails it is just so fememine. I started out at the age of 6 palying dress up with my sister and never really stopped. I was married for 26 years but the wife just could not handle me dressing she did try though but just was not her so we divorced. Now I am a happily single sissy who goes to work everyday dressed as a female and my nails are always painted they are either red,purple,pink,s. I love the way my toe's just shine through my panty hose which I always wear the sheer toe and strappy sandals I mean why do your nails if your not going to show them is my thinking. I go every 3 weeks to the nail salon and have them profesionaly done and the Ladies just love it I mean doing my nails they have been doing them for 4 years now. Most the woman at work always complment me on how nice my nails look. So for you sissy's out there anyone can wear panties, and bra's step up to the plate and do it all form toe's to finger tips be all the sissy you can be.

Bobbi Lynn

kerriegipson kerriegipson
Jul 21, 2010