Painted Toenails Led Me To Cross-dressing

I was 49 when I attended our annual Christmas party at a friend's house. I normally drink beer, but decided that tonight I would bring a bottle of Grey Goose. Well, I cannot handle my alcohol well, and became quite drunk early on in the party. By 10 PM, I decided to lay down on their living room floor as the party carried on. Passed out, I was oblivious to anything that happened until I woke up the next morning. They party goers put me in several "funny" positions while I was out (saw the pics later). However, Rick decided it would be funny to paint my fingernails and toenails. So, they brought out the polish, and did a rather "sloppy" job. I woke the next morning to the stillness in the house (by myself on their couch), and it was like Dorothy entering the Land of OZ. I marveled at how beautiful my hands and feet looked. I immediately felt my **** grow. It was sooo bad, yet sooo good. My heart swelled. I knew I'd have to remove the polish, because of my wife wouldn't stand for me being a sissy.

I walked home and hid my hands and toes from her for about an hour. Then she finally noticed my hands...and I said that I got pranked. But I came to a big crossroads here. I told her, "I like it, and I plan to keep it". Well, my fellow cross-dressers, this was the start of a beautiful new me...Marcy.

From those painted wasn't many weeks before I was shopping for panties, thigh high stockings, bras, nightgowns, dresses and skirts. The sky is now the limit. There was certainly a transition needed for my wife, but today she is VERY SUPPORTIVE of Marcy. It is normal for my to be dressed en femme on a daily basis. We are both very comfortable, and I love it.

Funny how I can go from having my toenails painted as a prank to sucking an EP friend's ****....but I'm here to testify of my transition from typical hetrosexual to **********....and loving it!

Love to all who read this (cross dresser or not)....Marcy
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Thats HOT!

I would love to see your painted nails.

My nails are painted 9 months out of the year, every year. Right now, I need to remove and reapply. A bit chipped. Last time I was applying the polish to my toenails, my wife walked in and kidded, "I'll bet not too many wives get to see their husbands doing that". We are very comfortable with each other. Kisses, Marcy

My wife has painted mine a couple times. It was great.

Wow !! your wife must be amazing, I wish I could bust out of the secrecy and share dressing

Oh, one other thing wear a pair of silly panties and relax in the chair feels like heaven

so you were a late bloomer?

My wife and I do pedis together and have had my nails polished. She is all for me doing this as it makes your feet feel so good and very soft. you should try it, helps putting on nylons so much nicer and no runs.

I have kind of opened up to my friends, but not yet to the point of being in public. I think if Becky was more secure in it...I'd be with her. It sounds divine to have your feet pampered. Here's what my next step planned is. Want to be on a date with my wife as Marcy. So I'm ready to tell her that I'll take her to Vegas on one condition....that she allows me to be dressed as Marcy with her on a night out. I expect about two seconds of hesitation, before she readily agrees. If we have a great time...I'm sure there will be more fun nights out. Kisses, Marcy

Wow! Hope it works out for you gurl. All the best and good luck. Please let us know how it turned out..

I might even start earlier than that....with a weekend getaway to Cleveland. Then don't have to wait for Vegas. thanks for your well wishes.

I so want all of the details when yo get back and no holding back. Your wife is going to be so tried when she gets back from you backing her lol
Let Marcy out!!

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again wow ! you are lucky ! very nice story quite an adventure ! :-)

Stockings are my weakness hun xox. I can wear them 24/7 & nobody, barring my special friends, have any idea. The sensual feeling of the suspenders tugging & holding them in place is effeminately amazing. xox

I so agree, Babe. And they feel especially wonderful after a clean shave....I just love the look. My stockings remain on when my wife and I make love.

You must have repressed your feminine side for a long time, and that probably contributed to burying yourself in alcohol.

i agree with you :)

I think you're 50% right. There was certainly a repression, because I did dress in my mom's undergarments and dresses from about 10 to 16 when everyone was out of the house. But then it was all put away when I found *****! I had an occasions in my late twenties and shortly after marrying, when my wife and I each cross-dressed for a Halloween party...and must admit that I really stirred me up. But then repressed what I wanted until the painted toenails night.

With regards to the drinking...I'm not a drunk, and this particular night I was not used to drinking the Grey Goose, and simply overdid it. I do not pass out on a regular basis. My drink g is normally fairly well controlled.

I love it

Hi honey I love your story and I am a full time girl now I start hormones and dress full time call me transgender!!!

It wasn't a quick change for her - perhaps a year to be totally comfortable....but I was pushing, pushing, and pushing more to be my feminine self. I love my girly, and couldn't ever go back. There is still some more pushing to do. I want to ask her to go out with me dressed as Marcy...I'd really enjoy that...just us two girls!

Some gals have all the luck in the world

Wow what a quick change. It is wonderful to hear your wife is so supportive.

sweet story, you r lucky to have such a supportive wife.

I did suck boy asa boy...I thought I was straight.

I am CD for 20 yrs in private. Wife knows..Not approved.
I want **** while in panties and a skirt. I also want **** when in mens{uggg} clothes.

I hate men's clothes...would much rather have others' ***** while I'm Marcy!

will you friend me

Absolutely, Sweetheart! Going there now...

You know that my wife is very supportive also.She likes me to have boyfriends and fuckfriends.
Nice Marcy
You know I love you

Its been awhile for me...since last October. I'm getting the hunger again. :)

Happy for you sweetie - best of both worlds with a supportive wife and male friend. enjoy

Love it and love my nails painted too!

Marcy I put up a pick of my toes from last summer. Hope you approve
Love ms macartney

I love my toe and finger nails painted too!

I am also a sissy crossdresser and still a sissy virgin, One of these days!

Oh you are so right...she is wonderful. We will celebrating our 30th anniversary this coming May. Love her more than ever.

Wow thats pretty deep but cool. Be you.

Girl that's a clear and concise way of explaining the small steps that take you to a new and different self. I myself was a heterosexual man so to speak. I've started cross dressing: and now I find myself wanting to know just what it's like to be a real woman. Including sitting on a hard stiff one. Maybe even licking some random guys woody wood ******. I'm just as flabbergasted as any straight guy would be. It's like my brain has been reprogrammed. I think the female that got free from her chains inside me is trying to make sure I don't revert back to the worn out male I used to be. I want to ride the boloney pony.

Thanks for writing, Darling. I really didn't bargain for this attraction to men - when dressed up. Had never never had these feelings for men ever ever in the past (discountimg my early teen years). Today, I am still sexually attracted to women, but when the circumstances are right, and feeling feminine, I naturally gravitate towards men. My first date with Michael was just a fantasy come true. Just felt so wonderful, and yes, we did satisfy each other at the end of our evening out.

What a nice story. Does your wife know about Michael? I think it's great that you had sex with him. Enjoy your life and live it to the fullest!

I am very glad for you honey. Supportive wives are hard to find. My ex was a real *****

Great story!

Marcy, I loved reading your story. It's funny, I'm not attracted to guys when not in fem mode, but once I put a frilly blouse, mini skirt, and lace panties...I just love the attention!!!

God, we are so similar in how we feel. I'm not attracted to guys, but when I'm Marcy...I love the attention, and want to please them in my girlie ways!

Absolutely's like a switch comes on...

Nice little story there. I have this guy friend who is also my transgender mtf friend. I'm not gay? But I found myself kissing him/her last week at the local gay bar. I want to be respectful of her space. But at the same time I find myself a little confused. Like: what's it mean? Am I ready to to accept the raw fact that I was knowingly kissing a man. That's the threshold of going over the edge isn't it?

Marcy you are my hero. Does your wife help and encourage you to be as feminine as you can be. Does she encourage you to be with other guys???

Great story Marcy and obviously you, like me, are blessed with a great wife too, with her being very supportive of your CDing.

Geezzz Sis, glad you finally got the wife into it. Now how long will it take you to get her to help hold you down when some stout member ol Ky. boy plows your corn row?? I want pics of that of course. Wait till you get spit roasted? Now that is a parrrrty. Whew, wish I could be there to hear you scream. LOL holding onto your lil teddy. Will you wife let you sleep in your nighty & panties yet?? Has she slipped on a swinger yet? YahOOOO...

Thanks, Darling. Of course, my wife will let me do as I please...but I like to sleep in the nude. I may try the nightie one time, and will hear no issue from her. In fact, I now have her picking out the cute "****" outfit for me to wear before we jump in the sack. Normally like to leave my stockings and skirt on....but she removes the rest in the teasing way that I demand of her.

Sweet story!