Wearing Panties Make Happy

i love my panties and the way make feel. when i wearing panties i feel a girl and that makes me happy so i will wear my panties
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I agree I love wearing panties too!

I too love my panties and the feeling of them on!

I too love to wear my pantie's & have loved it ever since my sister's dressed me up as a Barbie Doll when I was very young ! I wear my panties every day & even to my doctor visit ! I do take out my pads & tampon thou he doesn't care & I have been do this for 38 plus years & I still love the feeling & the femininity of wearing panties - bras - slips - all things feminine Feels soo too good me & the inner joy it brings me is what keeps me going !

So much fun isn't it ! O love my bras & panties plus my pads & tampons to!

Panties are the best part of my wardrobe ! ! I can't get dressed, or won't get dressed without them first. Makes me feel happy, better, sexy, comfortable, just whole. I will wear mine or I will wear my wife's if I can. She doesn't care that I wear lingerie, so I do every day, all day. No exceptions.

My wife buys my panties only own panties i dont miss the wedges up my but from boxes

Your very lucky I have to buy my own But I love shopping for new panties and trying on new styles at the malls - JcP, Kohl's, Macys, Nordstroms, to name a few! very enjoyable!

I completely agree with you I always think about it every day all day long thank you for your kind words CherrySissy in you are so lucky to have friends will understand you. Thank you

It's only natural. One of my earliest memories is falling in love with my sister's panties. This was when I was still just a pre-school child. It had nothing to do with gender or sexuality ... it was just a natural attraction and desire. After my mother caught me wearing them, I was banned from this natural instinct because of the purely social notion that "boys don't wear girl's clothes." The fascination, the need, the sheer love of the panties, however, only got worse and by the time I was in Junior High School it was almost the only thing I used to think about. By the time I was in High School, had a little money and a driver's license, I started doing a little very private shopping for myself. By the time I was living on my own I never wore anything but panties at home. Now, since before this 21st century, I’ve never owned, much less worn, anything but panties. For some odd reason, later in life we seem to want to associate males wearing panties with a gender issue, or a sexual orientation, but, for me, the desire predated any of that. It was always a natural and direct desire and an instinct driven more by the love of the beauty and artistic excitement. When it comes to panties, I think you either "get it" or don't. All females wear panties because they are "supposed" to, but not all appreciate them (there is a difference between wearing underwear and dressing in lingerie). By the same token, just because males are "not supposed" to wear panties, doesn't mean that an awful lot of us don't love them. As far as I'm concerned, I was born to wear panties. And so, I do. The people, who don't get it, don't get it ... those of us who do ... just wear them (we just “have” to). It's only natural. I think, how lucky I am to "get it" and enjoy such a simple and fun little delight. I'm proud of my panties and I love to show them off, either in my panty drawer, or on me. All the girls I know, know this about me and not only accept it, they love it. They “get it.” <br />
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And, if it’s true that wearing panties is an indication of feminine instincts and self-identification … wonderful! I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, and that it’s perfectly okay, to express oneself, both inside and out as a girl, even if one was born a boy. Personally, I’m very proud, and happy, to be able to be a girl at times. <br />
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I love my panties. They make me happy too!