Is Anyone Here Looking For Some Used Panties?

I am selling my worn / used panties and thongs ... got pic's of me
wearing them too ;)

Message me for more info ... I'm in Chicago btw ... can drop them
off or mail ;)


HalinaLove HalinaLove
18-21, F
15 Responses May 9, 2012

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Hey Halina...would you still be up for selling your panties? I am in Chicago.

i should have guessed that. and i bet you have a meth habit to. you look like a tweeker

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Yes. I would love to buy some.

Id be interested

i would love to see your panties.;)

Are you interested in watching the reaction.. your worn panties.. make on me?
And perhaps posing for some teasing pictures.. of yourself.. for me?
Of course.. this "up close and personal" touch comes with a complete satisfaction..

I would be interested. Would love to see some pics of what you have.

Wow.. wish I was in Chicago to get the "drop them off" service!

im intersted i love panties :3

I'm intersted tell me more

i'm interested tell me more

I'm interested

Definately interested--tell me more!

Well ... you can check my pictures and if you see some panties or thongs you like, tell me and i'll let you know if they are still available ;)