I Knew/know A Girl Who Believes She Gets More G/fs By Wearing Her Panties For Days On End!

OK as usual this story is true as I can remember it. I know a girl who is bi in that she is with a guy at the moment, but when between guys is happy to explore relationships with like minded girls. She once related to me that as girls always like to smell her panties and seemed more turned on by pantie sniffing than men, she conducted a little experiment when she was meeting girls. She would keep the same panties on day after day and the reactions of girls who smelled them was much more excitement than if she did the same with guys....when she told girls that they had been on for 5 days they would encourage her to keep them on longer and that panties with a powerful scent of girl were always, to them, a big turn on. I would love to hear views on this? I personally have known girls pantie smells to vary from sweet to really meaty, but there is just one kind of smell that really turns me on? I,ve no idea what it is (maybe the smell of fresh wet love juice) I have smelled it from sweet 16 yr old virgins (and a bit younger) and from women in their late 40,s. But girls I want your views on girls panties and the smells, do you think panties that have been on for a week would turn you on?
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Ah Gemma I suspect that you are a very nice girl, and I have known many who didn,t get the pantie thing and how or why the smell of a worn pair could be sexy? I,ll admit that I like them to be worn but fresh, I have this thing where I like to lick my way up a girls legs and then lick around the edge of her knicker leg elastic which usually drives her wild, but I do get to smell how turned on she is and that smell is always transferred to her panties so I can see what this friend of mine was getting at....even I,m not sure about 5 days old worn panties!!!!

Er... no. But then (as a very nice girl) I just don't get the panty-sniffing thing at all. But nothing against you Mr D !