Prison Panties

I usually wear panties under my jeans. Today I had planned to go home and change before visiting my uncle In prison. time got away from me and I had to go as I was to visit. Its one thing to know no one sees your naughty little secret but when you are enclosed in a room with a dozen inmates plus your family sitting next to you, now that's exciting. All the little fantasies played in my mind. some violent others just yummy for lack of a better word. no one saw them but oh the possibilities. next time I will wear something pink and bright. should I flash them or play peekaboo either way I look forward to it. love to all.
Stacy1165 Stacy1165
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 16, 2013

Wonder what the response would have been if you had had to be ***** searched?

Sounds fun, the thought crossed my mind and I love it.