I remember going school shopping with my mom when I was about 14. One of the things I needed was new underwear. We had to walk through the lingerie section to get to the men's underwear. For whatever reason, a pair of satin bikini panties caught my eye as I went by the rack, and I remember thinking "I bet those would feel nice. Wish I could have those." That is the first time it ever really crossed my mind that I might like panties. Needless to say, I wasn't brave enough to ask for those, but I did get cotton bikini underwear. I figured that was as close to panties as I could get at the time.
A few weeks later, I was home alone, I got up the nerve to peak in my mom's panty drawer. I found some Bali control briefs. The didn't look sexy, but when I felt the silky, stretchy fabric, I knew I had to try them on. I undressed, stepped into them, and my shaky hands pulled them on. I went to look in the mirror They fit pretty well, and felt amazing. I crossed a barrier. I just stared at myself. I"m sure I looked ridiculous, but I felt pretty.
I was afraid someone might come home the instant I put them on,so I didn't linger. The whole experience lasted less than 15 minutes.
I didn't start wearing panties regularly until I met my S.O. but that first experience imprinted on me. Even today, I still have a soft spot for Bali control briefs when I shop.
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Cool memory....thanks for sharing.

yes i rember the first in mums panties drawer

I agree, Bali makes some wonderful and comfortable panties.

Can't say that I have had the Bali pleasure...I will have to look for a pair.

Bali makes a good panty. I have at least one pair, and the nylon is so wonderfully, silky-smooth!

Bali does make some wonderful panties.