Good Bye Baby...

Sadly our first parakeete baby passed away last month. I was so sad about it i couldn't even bring myself to write about it. She was loved dearly by all of us. I figured when I bought her that she would be a nice small pet, low matinance, unable to hurt the children and good for my son who has allergies to other animals with fur. but she proved to be much more than that. She would sing, talk, and chase us around the house for attention. She would sit on my childrens game boys and watch them play for as long as they were playing. She is why we now love parakeetes. She was a spoiled girl. We would buy her anything her heart desired to make her happy. She was a member of the family. My children are still sad and miss her. My heart sunk when it happened. We buried her under the oak tree in the cemetery next to her husband Sky Bird.
Temprence Temprence
36-40, F
May 9, 2012