I Wanted This...

I've been waiting for my college acceptance letter for weeks now, and turns out.. I finally got it! How do I know? My SISTER sent me a BLURRY picture of the OPENED letter yesterday with a smiley face. NO. I found out my mom and my sister opened it together and then my sister sent the text. I didn't respond to it for 2 hours then came up with a half-happy response and that was that. Like... I'm happy I got in.. but that letter was mine to open. MINE. And I know they're happy for me and everything but 1. I was beyond excited to have that experience, open it and see what I had been waiting for for over a month, 2. I wanted to tell her myself, to have her be proud of me and hug me and say she was happy for me and I'd be really excited about it, etc., 3. It RUINS the whole excitement before/after opening it because I didn't do it, they did. and 4. It's something I'll never get to turn back, it's done, they didn't even ask me let alone tell me the letter had arrived, if they had asked me and opened it while I knew and approved of it, I wouldn't have minded in the slightest.. but this ruined it for me. I got in... Woo..... Fml.
michiebelle michiebelle
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012