My Parents Saved Me

i love my parents to death ... i spend alot of my time @ their house ... ( actually im here now ) they  had a planned adoption with a lady my mom worked with  and when i got out of the hospital i went directly home with them ..( well when i got out seventy  two days later )  i've always had a  bad way to go with health . but they did everything in their power to take care of me ...  when i was older i started shutting them out .. The only thing i fault them for was not getting me mental health attention when i was fourteen and attempted suicide .  but who would want to think their baby would have mental illness???  during my marriage they basically kept me together financially because my husband was such a jerk ... when i finally made the decision to leave ... and i had no coaching from anyone  a month after i was away from my husband they bought me a trailer ... so i had my own place ...  and they do about anything i ask of them ...  unless im manic and being completely unreasonable . but they have always done for me and i couldnt be more thankful ... they are amazing people i couldnt have asked for better parents
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that is such a nice story , it is good to see people give thanks for there parents. Being a parent myself , i only pray that one day when my kids are older and look back through there lives that they have the same love and respect for me and my husband as you do for yours. thanks for sharing.