Unconditional Love

God created us and couldnt be with us physically to cater to our needs and shower love and affection.So what did he do? He sent a loving woman and a responsible man,to be with us,in place of him.And they are the parents. You must have heard of this many a time. I believe in this because my parents are the divine presence in my life.
They are the sweetest couple on earth,absolutely in peace with themselves.As a result of this,i grew up in a very harmonious atmosphere .Mom was a school teacher and dad,a marine biologist.They have given all the comfort i need and inspite of busy schedules,they always had time for me.I was and still am so close to them that i never lament about not having any siblings.I have always been their top priority and their love towards me is unconditional.They have always stood beside me as pillars of support.
I strongly endorse the opinion that children should have a peaceful and non-chaotic environment at home.Only then will they grow up to be calm and composed individuals.Parents are the ones who can provide this and children always tend to take after their parents,so it is the responsibility of parents to conduct themselves in such a way that their children grow up to be louing,caring and responsible individuals .Values like truth,courage and loyalty can be inculcated only by parents into children as children are exposed to all kinds of manipulative and treacherous people in their day to day life.Being naive by nature,children can get carried away in the negative path as evil is always attractive.It is a parent's duty to guide the kids accordingly.
Iam fortunate to get parents who have always given me correct guidance in all issues.They had also given me the flexibility to make my decisions instead of imposing their thoughtprocesses on me.Most importantly,they have stood by me ,during tough times.This unconditional love and support can be given only by parents.And this is why i tell all of those reading this article to be kinder and loving towards parents,as ultimately ,they will be the only people,you can lean on ,when the entire world is up against you.Theyre your true welwishers and will never fail you.So love your parents,as i do dearly with all my heart.
kriya31 kriya31
31-35, F
Mar 22, 2012