My Parents (an Inspiration for me)

My Dad, the first best guide i could ever get.. he is like a coach to me who would push me through extreme conditions while still being gentle with me at all times.. My dad is a hard working man and he wasn't that rich since the very beginning.. he never made us feel we are poor even when we faced financial crises 2-3 years back.. i was never aware of the fact we were in so much debt even when i was a teen.. It was my dad from whom i learned how to live life while keeping my head up.. fear no one and face the truth as if  u have no other option.. have no regrets.. He taught me to follow the path of honesty and integrity and not to be afraid of anything that comes into my way... He's a very tough guy from outside and rarely talk with anyone but he's always there when his beloved ones need help.. 

My mom.. she's a very kind women.. she would stay awake all night when i'm sick, would scold me real bad when i make mistakes... She is a multi-talented woman who is my mother, cook, doctor, therapist, economist, Counselor  priest, and an inspiration.. i have no idea what else she can do... haha.. but somehow i feel like she can understand what and how i feel about things in my life even if i don't tell her anything.. I feel like she can read my mind... she just needs to peek into my eyes and everything becomes clear to her.. even now she can do that quite easily... my silence speaks to her in a lot of ways i can't even explain.. her actions and gestures always direct me and indicate me if i'm wrong at some place..  My mom is like a "Goddess of sacrifice" because she just knows if she has to help someone even if she has to give up her own share of happiness..  I've seen her going to sleep while hungry, staying without fan in hot summers, in case we can't sleep in our room she would even tolerate bugs in our room and let us sleep in her room with dad, she would give away anything for us in case the need arises... I'm feeling like a momma's boy now but i'm proud of it... lol..

I love my parents and i'm thankful to be their child.. To be honest, all i have now is because of my parents and their blessings.. You see i'm quite successful in my life.. now u know the reason behind it.... haha..
My Parents... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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Huggs for them

i also love my parents for whatever they have done to me.but i cant tell them.
its good to know your parents love you.they make alll sacrifices for us. now its ur turn

Thank you for sharing that with us!

No problemo!.. and thanks for the comment.. have a nice day... ^__^

Lovely story :)

Thank you for the comment.. hope u have a nice day... ^___^

fantastic to see a young person who has been taught respect and responsibility. wow.

The credit goes to parents i guess.. i might have lived like a caveman if my parents were not there for me.. haha..


a hell of a should be an example for kids on EP who whine all day long about things that aren't important.Yep,it's always refreshing to see someone sane and wise.Well done mi boy.

wow.. thanks for the comment!... also very happy to see ur other side.. ^__^

I'm not politically correct and I speak what I mean.I rarely give "thumbs up",unless it really deserved.And you deserved it.

Your lucky <3

Me feels the same!.. and thanks for the comment.. ^__^.. &lt;3

No problem &lt;3 ^.^

rally nice story

Thank you.. i wanted to write that earlier but i keep forgetting about it.. lol.. ^__^