My Parents Unconditional Love

How do I pay back the unconditional love that my parents have given me? Growing up, I have always taken their love and support for granted. My mom would clean my room and do my laundry all while nagging me to do it myself. My dad never said no or questioned why I needed the newest technology that also happened to be quite pricey. Even though both my parents were never college graduates, they understand the importance of education. They felt that the only thing I need to worry about was doing well in school, to get into a good college, and be on my way in a successful life. They spent their whole lives making money to make sure that my sister and I are entitled to things that they never had in life. At a young age, I knew that to repay back my parents, I have to do well in college....but this semester, I have just been so lost and depressed. I feel like I'm failing them, when all they wanted was for me to do something I enjoy. I asked my mom how I can repay her and dad for their love....and she told me "honey, be happy. that's the best way you can repay us back. If you're happy, we're happy". The moment I ended the call, I bawled my eyes out. God had blessed me with my loving parents, and I was overwhelmed by their love. At that moment, I swore that no matter what happens in the future, I will take care of my parents when they are older. Every day, I pray that they live long, healthy lives so that I have the time to give them a fraction of the love they have given me in the past 18 years.

P.S. : I really like this song "Mama" by Jaeson Ma. I cried the first time I listened to it, as I could really relate to the lyrics. Youtube the song, it's definitely worth a listen.
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Well, to pay back the love that you are given, u have to pray that you yourself live a long and healthy life too so that you are able to take care of them in the future instead of them taking care of you. i don't know how things are for you now.. but i hope that u will take care of yourself and stay positive :)