Getting It

Getting a spanking, paddling, or out and out whipping can bring out the dirty **** in me....the many sensations of shame, embarassment, and humiliation added to the lil girl feeling , and feeling naughty and the sharp sting....especially if administered in front of others can give me some of the most intense *******. The only problem is the more turned on I get...the more punishment I need, want and crave...this becomes a viscious cycle, so it is important to have a disciplined MASTER who is concerned for my welfare as much as his own pleasure.There are so many nice instruments to administer a spanking, a hand, a hairbrush, a paddle, a leatherbelt, a whip, a cane, a riding crop, or a green switch cut from a tree...have never been comfortable with using a MASTER would almost always spank/whip my *** or the back of my thighs....ocassionally when he was very angry he would use the belt on my entire body while I was suspended by my hands with my legs sprread wide apart and my toes barely empasize a point...he would at times whip me between my legs but almost always he would focus on my bare ***...
My first sexual experience was with my Uncle at age 13 which began with him spanking me...wound up with his fingers inside my tight ***** and his **** in my mouth....have been addicted to spanking ever since....
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Love the story.. I believe females should be spanked soundly. It brings out the best in them.. I'm quite the disciplinarian who focuses strictly on school girl/ father daughter fantasies.. check out my profile and contact me if you are interested..<br />
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My favorite saying: Your pants did nothing wrong young lady, get them down now!!!