Rewriting The Dictionary

We don't ' argue', we ' creatively discuss'
We don't ' fight', we ' bear hug'
We don't ' use up all the hot water', we ' save the other from serious burns'
We don't ' nag one another', we ' just checking for early signs of memory loss'
We don't ' STEAL one another's hot chocolate', we ' put our lives on the line to check it's not poisonous'
We don't ' lose the other's car keys, so they have to take ours', we ' upgrade the other to a safer car'
We don't ' traipse mud into the house', we ' are just being eco-friendly'
We don't ' doodle on the other's arm with felt tip', we ' creatively express ourselves'
We don't ' walk faster than the other', we ' check the pavement ahead for dangerous bumps'
We don't ' dance badly', we ' try to hide the other's equally terrible dancing skills'
We don't ' forget to buy the carrots', we ' thought the cawliflower needed some attention'

My relationship is redefining the english language, one word at a time :P
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 18, 2010

Such a fun way of communicating, showing you care.

I know you don't come on here anymore, but this is totally awesome. I can't believe no one else has recommended it.

Can we all try this.