I'm Happy Again

If someone asks if I'm happy, 
My answer would be yes, definitely
Pain and sorrow are life lessons 
A part of my spiritual growth  
Happiness, in itself, is to live
intensely, with passion,
every conquered joy, 
every possible moment
that life offers me.
Happiness is...
to understand my own life
and feel pleasure in little things, 
knowing that life is one 
and I can only learn from
my daily experiences. 
will only steal my precious moments,
which surely will not come back . 
For it, overcoming my pain and sadness
I walk through my path safely 
moving on with more hope and faith, 
and always believing in tomorrow!
Above all feelings, good or bad
Easy or tough moments,  I still...
I love my passion for life! 
And this is all I need to say 
I'm happy again
*Enjoying life with my sunshines, reason enough to be very happy!* :-)
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6 Responses Jul 30, 2011

Thanks I appreciate your story.

beautiful words from a beautiful soul.<br />
<br />
I am happy to hear that you are happy again!!<br />
<br />
warm hugs

There is nothing like being with those you truly love to bring back the smiles and make the bad things in life melt away. It give you hope and restores the joy. So happy for you. :))

With a natural philosophy as elegant, it is clear that happiness is imposed on you. You are great. I like the phrases: "Pain and sorrow are life lessons, apart of my spiritual growth" and "and feel pleasure in little things." These two keys that open many doors of happiness. Congratulations.

"Regrets... will only steal my precious moments". How very true. It's a gift to be able to forgive oneself for the shortcomings and mistakes made along the way. Living in the moment can be hard when weighed down by the seemingly unshakeable negatives that surround us at times. You've certainly embraced that philosophy! <br />
Thanks for sharing your light here.

Its the time that has to pass and the events that has to happen.We are not in control of time but we are in control of our lives.Like it or not even we are not happy,time still has to pass,