This Is the Best Invention Ever.

For a brief amount of time there was a Ped Egg for Men.  Perhaps men don't pay enough attention to their feet for this to have stayed on the market but my husband loves his. 

I am in love with mine as well.  My feet are so very smooth.  I fill my foot spa with slightly hot than normal water and soak.  I scrape my heels and they end up so very smooth and soft.  When I am done I pay special attention to my cutitcles, and toenails.  After I've completed my entire routine I use Burt't Bee's Cocounut Foot Creme.  My feet look lovely. :)

ichooselife ichooselife
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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

lol....yea, I like it a whole whole whole whole whole whole lot. Do you have a foot spa at home?

Mines must suck... cause I hate it... Idont see what its done... just a waste of my money... lol but imma try it again since you like it sooo much...