It Gets The Job Done!

From the time my **** started to mature and I grew pubic hair, I knew I really liked my penis. My **** was more than a handful when I was ten and I started having real ejaculations at that age.  Other boys admired how my **** had grown and looked forward to the day theirs would begin to grow.  We had seen each other for years when we peed together, so it was not big deal for them to want to see my **** as it got bigger.  They also liked to watch me ******* and ***.  I was quite a show off!

As my **** continued to mature, I liked how it remained straight when it got hard, rather than developing a curve.  I've seen some really nice dicks with nice curves and they look great, too, but I like mine being straight.  As a teen, my **** stood straight up against my tummy when it got hard; so much so it was difficult to aim it at the toilet to pee first thing in the morning!  It was 7" long when I turned 11, so I had no embarrassment when starting grade seven and had gym class.  Not that I got hard in the locker room or shower, but I had a nice dangle that showed well.

As I continued to mature, my **** got thicker and heavier.  By the time I ****** my first ***** at age 19, it was over 7" and stood at about a 45° angle.  Girls liked to play with it, even if they wouldn't ****.  I'd always ******* after a makeout session to relief myself.  When I met the girl who would become my first wife, we started ******* regularly, so my **** was finally getting a workout other than when I would *******!

Like most men, I never thought of my **** as being anything but average or a little smaller than others.  That's an issue we have because of viewing angle, I would find out later.  A guy looks down at his dangling ****, then looks across at another one and the other one looks bigger.  I knew I didn't have any problem with my **** falling out of a ***** when I was ******* and the women had no comment about size.  It wasn't until my current wife and I were together and having sex with other people that I understood how I stood out among the other men.  I had seen a lot of dangling dicks at nudist camps and I looked good there, but sex parties brought out the "real me"!

Yes, I love my penis, peter, wiggler, fuckstick, winky, **** or whatever you want to call it.  It's mine and I'll show you what it can do whenever you're ready! ;-)
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 18, 2012