An Extension of Myself


What a fabulous outgrowth of who I am.  A great extension of myself out into the world.  A perpetual lengthening of my possibilities.  It hardens my resolve to prolong my experience here on earth. 

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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26 Responses Jun 4, 2007

no problemo, I need to write more poems on here :-)

You are such a clown but I like it. lol Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Thank you :-)

nice, i like it. u are funny


wow I've been gone for 2 days and now there's 20 new comments on here...I also just noticed it is my most viewed story....I wonder if it's because penis is in the title?....hmmmmmmm

Oh wow.. you guys are too funny!! El, dot those I's and cross those T's!!! LOL

Being able to write your name in the snow is another fringe benefit. Extra points are awarded when every "I" is "dotted" neatly.

slutslider,you wouldn't want to hear me sing that song, truly...I sound like someone , CHOKING A CHICKEN...

yeah grams, you are right. set backs like having to wear a jock strap to protect your equiptment when you play sports.

Too funny grams!!

The only time I have ever had Penis envy is when you have to pee... On the road....Pull over I would be marking my spot all over...What about in a boat, yea such freedom....Whizzing off my balcony is one of my grandsons thrills, I had the two of them having a ******* contest to see who could go further..Tacky, bad manners you say , h*ll if I had one I'd be right along with them....But there are the drawbacks.......and we won't go there......

oh and you said you love your penis, but you forgot to brag about the....... guess you're not an amature like some guys.

having a penis would be way better than having a period. can i get a 'hell yeah'?

Wow...i so thought it was gonna be oscar meyer...thats so much better.<br />
<br />
thanks grams!

f'ing hilarious LMFAO. And grams I would love to hear you sing that. Oh you all just made my day.

You people are so cute you make me want to sing, " Oh, I wish I had my own flexible wienner, that is what I'd truly like to have, cuz if I had my own flexable wienner I could whip it out any time I had to Pee..." Phase to guitar......

Oh yes, I do love your style though! It is sophisticated!

Oh my goodness!!! You guys are just too funny! Sandy, is this the prophecy of someone who's NOT gettin' any? LOL (just kidding 'round)....


ok, well I'm gonna have to get going soon but remind me next time we chat and I'll do it!! Anything for you my dear :P

anything. just make it sexy!

Awww, thanks slider....I'm gonna have to write something just for you...what could it be about? hmmmmmmm????

wow. nice! oh and i love your writting style, sophisticated.

You should, it's a nice affirmation. I don't ever get to talk about my penis in public so an ode to it in spoken word form seemed to be appropriate to me.

...The engorged vessel of my travels in this world...the progenitor of the rigid and inflexible gift...