If I had a penis,I would probably love it too...
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4 Responses Jun 6, 2007

No sure if I would use the word LOVE, regarding my penis, I am PROUD of having a reasonable slightly longer and thicker penis than the average, not TOO big or thick but nevertheless happy at the size and hairiness of it. The only time I could compare my penis with others was when I was a teenager and what made me quite proud of it was when the other boys saw it they wished they could have one as big as me, some in fact thought that I was too big, but they were the boys with below average size penises, compared to them I did look very large indeed. I say again I'll not use the word love for my penis but I am proud of it.

All a penis really needs is love and affection. Everything else is extra.

Yes! I have a lot of fun with mine! My best friend keeps me well entertained. LOL

I know what that means, you have a large penis and your best friend likes WxxxxxG it for you. LOL

Yep - they are quite lovable things aren't they?

Very much so, and the bigger the better.