Rex, the Bearded Dragon

Rex is not very bright.  He tried to eat the green print off the paper plate.  Now I have to give him plain white plate so he doesn't thing the print is salad.  Sometimes he lets the crickets sit on his head.  When I let him out, he keeps coming back and sitting on my lap or climbing up my shirt.  I think he only likes me because I'm the one with the food.

A few days ago, he started sleeping under his cage carpet.  The first time he did it, I thought he was gone.

He's also very spoiled.  He won't eat his salad if he thinks anyone is watching.  I have to leave the room before he'll eat.

He's only 9 months old.  When he gets full grown, he could be up to 2 feet long.  I can't wait.  Then he can scare the cats that have been watching him since he was little.

flowrpowr flowrpowr
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1 Response May 24, 2007

Dear flourpowr<br />
<br />
Bearded Dragons are pretty intelligent. <br />
<br />
They don't like to be watched while they are eating. I had to put the mustard greens, bananas,<br />
romaine lettuce where he had privacy to eat. Also, the crickets are over-rated. It takes your Bearded Dragon a couple of days to digest them. So, yeah, sometimes your beast will not eat the<br />
rest of them. In my opinion, you don't need to feed them live insects, or any insects for that matter. Turkey babyfood will do just as well, and it doesn't give them worms.<br />
<br />
Maybe your beast needs more greens. He could be a bit nearsighted. When I took my dragon<br />
to the vet, I learned they can have pretty much the same illnesses as people do. They also<br />
like classical music, I've found.<br />
<br />
best wishes,<br />
<br />