My boyfriend and I have had our bearded dragon, Smaug, for 5 years now. She is now part of the family. She is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. She recently laid a clutch of unfertilized eggs. She's never seen a male before. I do feel bad about Smaug being alone for a long time but on the other hand, I wanted to make sure she was safe. I know she is having a good life. We feed her well,  she's got a huge terrarium, we always take her for walks, inside the apartment, or outside, and we always give her lots of attention. I hope she can get over this part of her life and move on.

Unfortunatly, Smaug had died this morning. She tried to give it her all but I guess it wasn't enough. We loved her to pieces.


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My deepest sympathies to you. You gave her a good life and provided love as well.<br />
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The Bearded Dragon's really bring out a lot of love in their keepers. God Bless you for<br />
doing the best you could for your little beastess!

So did Smaug!

hi my name is paige sorry 2 hear tht ur beardie died she mustve had a rlly good life i have a bearded dragon 2 her name is applez cause she luvs her applez and bok choy:)

Thank you!<br />
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It's life. The only definite thing in life, is death. Though it was hard at first but time does heal.

I'm so sorry.

The are not that much work. There is a lot of cleaning involved but other than that, they are great fun to have around though the start up costs might be quite high for the equipment but you can find used equipment for cheap. Check it out!

i love bearded dragons. i go to petland quite often and hold the bearded dragons. i hear they're alot of work to take care of, but i love them anyway!!!!!!!

your wee pet sounds lovely, my husdand and I have a wee dog we adopted from the pound , he is a very friendly, and tries to smile !He always seems aware of my moods which is nice for me.

I want one they are so cute.