I love my pet rats! My one rat peanut has leg degeneration though where his back legs no longer work! It's sad and frustrating as I have to bathe him pretty much daily.
I recently had my two older rats pass away very close to eachother. When my rat Jake died, his brother Finn didn't last much longer! He LOVED his brother...
Anyways, I don't want to get anymore rats at the moment as I feel Peanut needs much more help now, and I probably don't do as much as I should as it is... I don't know how he does it, but he still manages to climb the cage even though most people get 1 story cages. I think he enjoys climbing, but he also enjoys hiding ever since his legs stopped working.
Rats are very kind and sweet, it just depends on how they're raised and genetics, as with any creature on this planet. Yes, there are fancy rats that will bite, but you have to think about it b/c there usually is a good reason.
My mom adopted older rats and the one bit me. I didn't know what I did, but the truth is they were first class room pets where they spent all their time in a cage and once in a while kids probably poked at the cage and what not. After that they bounced around, but always in the cage. Now they refuse to leave the cage! I had the one out when I lived with my mom b/c I kind of forced them, yet gently and slowly, got them out to get used to it. My mom just figures if that's what they want, that's what they want.
nEwayz just felt like saying how much I love my rats!
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Two of mine, Bob and Pumpkin (brothers) recently died quite close together too. I still have 3 and I love them to bits. Wonderful and funny pets 😊

I'm sorry for your loss! Rats are awesome! We, fiancé and I, recently adopted 4 baby girl rats! The one cracks me up bc she is ALWAYS on her wheel! Girls are more active, but still lovey.

I heard that about girls too. Mine love to cuddle. Our youngest one is adopted, a little girl and her father bought him from a pet store and took him back home but when the mother saw it she screamed at them saying there was no way that "thing" was living in her house. So sad :( he's happy with us now though

I get so frustrated bc people think fancy rats and wild rats are the same. It's like a wolf and a dog. And just like dogs, or any creature, if a rat is mistreated as a baby or even just has a bad temperment they will be aggressive, but that's definitely NOT every rat. Another thing is when people document people who own rats they either get the people that have crazy amounts like 40+ or they try and make them look crazy! 😕 I think over
In the UK there's more respect for rats, and they don't allow live bait.

I agree. People have wild and unfounded misconceptions about them and the "media" doesn't help, they're wonderful animals.
We always handled ours from a young age so they gradually got to know and be comfortable with us, and in turn they never bite.
I think if any animal is mistreated or neglected it will become aggressive just the same as any human would, it's not the poor animals fault but the owners' fault

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I've never known any sweet rats but I guess I've never known any pet rats either. There were rats in my house once and they were anything but cute.

Lol yeah, wild rats are pretty scary. Domesticated rats and wild rats look different and are similar and could breed together, but they're very different as well. It's like comparing a dog to a wolf.

I totally get it. There are some really ugly alley cats that live near my house and they are just nasty, and those are just feral cats who would've been the most adorable things if someone had found them as kittens!
I'm sorry that two of your rats died and another is sick. That's always the hardest part of having pets. :( How long do pet rats live?

2-3 years... Not very long but some claim their rats lived to be 4 or 5. That's what's hard with ratties. They're very living, but do not live long.

Lol I mean loving

That's really hard. I don't think I could do that. My dog died when I was 10 and he was 7 and I never got another one.

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