They Just Kept Coming!

We have had so many animals over the years.

It all started when my boyfriend brought home a baby sable colored ferret named Shadow.
I loved animals, but I had no experience with ferrets, and didn't take to the idea right away.

Soon, my heart grew with love for the little guy. He had such a unique personality, and he even took little ferret naps in our bed :)

Well, two more ferrets were soon to follow; another sable (female) named Misty, and a white male named Caspian (aka "Snively Cakes")

Shadow (also called "Fatty Fat";) grew and grew. I was pregnant at the time, and we had to move in with Mike's parents because our lease was up.

On a trip to the pet store, I saw a gorgeous kitten for adoption from Angel's Wish. He was the most unique mostly white cat with striped orange tabby spots. His blue and green eyes seemed to look right into my soul as I held him. I just had to take him home! He had a brother who was a very beautifully marked orange tabby. He had those big, swirly striped- not the normal thin ones.

We adopted them both.

A few month later, Mike found a couple of Chinchillas that needed a home. He took them in, of course. ;)

So, here we were, living in a small, 20x10 basement room in Mike's parents house, with 2 kittens, 3 ferrets, and 2 chinchillas. Since his parents did not like animals, we had to fit all these guys in our room with us! It was literally a bed, and animal cadges, and a TV.
Again, I was very pregnant. I spent most of the time in the company of my pets, on my bed, watching the food network channel. I had horses, as well, and we boarded them at a nearby stable. (I actually started going into labor when I was working with my lovely paint mare, Cami!)

Our kittens, Artex and Atraeu, were a constant., purring comfort to me. 
On a sad note, the night I went into labor, my favorite ferret, Caspian, got out when the chinchillas were playing and scared one of the poor chins to death:( 
I will never forget how my boyfriend cried and cried. He was screaming and mourning when I said, "Uh, honey- I think the baby is coming."

Now, five years later, we live in a 900 square foot house with 7 animals (which is not a lot for me!)
Many pets have come and gone- mice, hedgehogs, snakes, turtles, toads, and dogs, among others.
We have a pet cemetery in the back yard under a gorgeous sprawling lilac tree.

Our two young boys love the pets, and are learning to take care of them.

All our original ferrets have all passed, sadly. I miss them all very much, especially Caspian. We spent over $1,000 on surgery for him. I'd like to say they had the best life they could have.

We have now three cute little ferrets. Two are girls that we adopted, and one is a young sable male who is growing larger by the day! At 3 months old, he is larger than both the girls.

Artex and Atraeu are here, and they enjoy playing with the ferrets and lounging on the couch. I have the world's most wonderful dogs- Deezel is a Lab/Husky/Rottweiler mix. He is black with brindle points and one blue eye. I got him as a puppy and he is the most intelligent and loving dog I've ever had.
Promise is a chestnut miniature long haired daschund. I adopted him from a couple up north who were elderly and unable to care for him. 
At first, he was so scared and shaking, I held him all the way home in the car, telling him that he was ok and that I would keep him safe. I had just come back from recording at a studio in Minneapolis, and I named him "Symbol Of A Hope And Promise" to remind me that there is always hope, even if I am not successful in the eyes of my family or the world.
Promise follows me from room to room. I bring him everywhere- even to the mall! He has a little bag that he sits in. I swear, he'd be happiest to just climb in my shirt and live there 24-7! Maybe it's because he's so small and he wants me to keep him safe. Whatever the reason, I have never had a dog like him. He only listens to me, and will run away or bark at anyone else- even my husband!

Well, I'm sorry this story had rambled on so much! I think I'm just bored since Mike is at work and the kids are at their grandparent's house.
I am currently sitting in my living room with Promise on one couch, and Deezel on the other. The ferrets are asleep all piled on top of each other, exhausted form playing earlier today.

My husband works 80+ hours a week, and I am now disabled from Lyme Disease and severe neurological pain, so I stay home with the kids now.

My pets keep me happy. They sit on my lap when I am in too much pain to move. They make me laugh when I am bored. They let me cry in their fur and lick my tears away when I am sad. 

My brain only works a little bit now... it is hard to think and concentrate. I can't seem to hold a conversation most of the time, and I have only one friend who lives far away.  But my pets don't mind. They love me unconditionally. 

Thank God for animals.... they make life more bearable :)

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Thank you! Yes, they are quite spoiled. Sometimes I think I treat them so well because I feel less lonely when I care for them :)<br />
It's a win-win situation ;)

Sounds like you have your pets spoiled, and that is very neat!