Charlie The Cat.

Charlie is a sweet cat but can turn into a demon in a second. One night I wanted to get a midnight snack but remembered what happened last time I attempted it. I peaked out my door to see if the coast was clear and then I tip toe out my droom door and close it. Then I hear this meow coming from down the hall, it was my cat Charlie. We had a stare off and we both stood still and when I moved just the slightest inch he got up and did the witch's cat thing. He let out a big hiss and a growl and then I took off for the kitchen as fast as I could. Well,he caught up with me, he jumped right onto my shoulders, his claws dug into them. His back paws were like trying to climb my back and then he bit my neck, and I let out a screech. I fall down and then he starts purring and then he licks me. He is truely a demon cat with two different personalities but he passed away when I as ten. I miss him stalking me in the hallway at night, well not really, it kinda hurt, but I do really miss him.
Stormy240 Stormy240
22-25, F
Nov 27, 2010