A Greyhound Came Home!

On the 18 December 2008. I went to Nyborg railway station in anticipation and exitement as I was there to pick up my new family member. A greyhound who was at the end of his racing career. I had found him on the net and had an engagement with his owner as to where we should meet and sign the transfer of ownership. I would then pay for the realease of my greyhound and take him home. It was a very cold day with temperatures well below zero and I waited for quite a while before I spotted my new greyhound and his owner across the vast parking lot. It was a moment I shall never forget as long as I live. This tall waift of a greyhound walked by the side of this rather portly blond woman. He hardly had any strenght he was very very thin. He shivered in the cold as there was no coat to protect his body. He lifted his head slightly and the look in his eyes was heart breaking. Sad bewildred and searching for something but with no hope. I was stunned when I saw the obvious neglect that had taken place.We met and walked into the station building where we were supposed to make the transfer of ownership. The woman said she had forgotten  his papers in her car. I asked her to get the papers in the mean time I said that I would look after the greyhound.She left for her car and the greyhound was left in my company. I checked his tatooes to make sure I had the right greyhound it was but what a sad fellow he was.All he had on was a tattered collar and leash. I had a new collar and leash for him as well as a warm winter coat for him.I put these things on him and you should have seen the look of gratitude he gave me. He snuggled into his new warm coat,new soft leather collar with embroideries. The owner came back and we signed the transfer of ownership. I got all his papers his racecard registration and pedigree ect ect.I paid herthe measely fifty poundsor the equavelentof that sum to her and it was time to say good bye. She picked up the tattered collar and leash to take with her and told me that she loved him soo much and that he would probably wine and be upset when she left. He did  neither he was too busy snuggeling into both me and his new coat soaking up the love I showed him very likely for the first time in his five years of life. It has been  a while since he came home and I can tell you that it is a contrast as big as day and night. Tristan as I have named him had urine scaldings on both thighs belly and chest,his coat was dull and the skin flakey. His teeth were blakish grey with tartar., he had intestinel parasites and was almost emaciated. Now more than two years later he looks very diffrent. His teeth are gleaming white his coat shines. The look in his eyes is so very diffrent they sparkel with love and happiness. The hairs on his thighs have almost grown back and he is in good shape.Tristan has come home to stay. He is a much loved family member in contrast to what he was before. He was my first hands rescue. Well second I found a galgo here for my friend who was sadly neglected.I know there are at least  thousands of Tristans out there needing good homes. So let a greyhound race into your heart. I did and  it is a lifechanger for the better. Tristan is with me and my two other greyhounds and one whippet living the life he so richly deserves.
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How wonderful , my rescue was in simular state and has had to have 20 teeth out in the 4 years i have had him , he had veryy bad skin problems and was soooo thin, he has cigarette burns all up the inside of his back legs , apparently lighted cigarettes are pushed into the inside of their legs to make them come out of the traps faster, i have seen other hounds with the same scars , JUST TERRIBLE. and yet my boy is as gentle as his name "whisper" he is now so loved .

Awwwwww!!! what an awe!! inspiring contribution, here, my friend! :-) We, my family and i have rescued quite a lot of dogs, from the RSPCA,, These poor dogs, were "flea ridden stimking and starving" but my family and i had them, looked after them and my two dogs, the vet said, "were very well looked after that they died of old age" 16 my one dog and 17, my other,. I have a "lil pup now and he will be coming up 3, he, is the light of our lives!! lol <br />
Thank you! for your post, my friend! :-)

I can´t count the many times I have heard that phrase. Unfortunatly that is the few the lucky few who have been well cared for as it were. Inferior food and accomedation is standard in racing kennels. The lack of stimuli and the too many hours spent in isolation often muzzeled it may have been a clean but barren place with nothing to do than to chew on the bars or bed hence the muzzels. The truth is kennel life is no good for any dog at all and greyhounds are very sensetive and inteligent so I have to wonder what kind of damage this has on them long term. The majority of greyhounds are not as lucky as yours or mine for that matter they found a home they got their second chance the most of them are dead before they are three years old. They are not always euthanised humanely.Besides not many actually stay with their greyhounds at the kennels more than a few hours pr week what about the rest of the time? I am not being melodramatic it is just that the truth is far reaching and even more so than we know. there is a website that I can warmly recomend as it has more of the facts than there is space for here. it is as follows. www.greyhoundmuses.com please take a look and follow some of the links provided by that site. I am so sorry you lost your two girls who after all got their second chance just as my greyhounds have when they are no more others will be comming in. Greyhounds are for life not just for racing.

Glad it turned out so well! My girls were well cared for, and were not emaciated but hard-core athlete thin. I guess it can go both ways, but they all need good homes when they're done at the track.

What a heartwarming and happy story! Reminds me of one of the cats I rescued 13 years ago. This animal was emaciated too. But you should see her now! i gave her to my mother when we moved overseas and she is the sleekest, shiniest most affectionate puss. I do not understand why people neglect their pets. If they can't look after them, they should give them to someone who can.