Roxie Dog

I first saw Roxie on the Lost Dogs Home website. She was skinny, she looked like a bobble head, with big ears. She looked like a fox and I instantly wanted her to be a part of our family.

My other dog, Ellie, and I went the next day to the shelter to meet her. It was a Saturday so they were busy, and I asked someone to get her out for me straight away. As we were walking up to the gate another couple were there, they were older, saying how perfect she was and that they wanted her. I told them I'd already bought my dog to meet her and the woman backed off.

Her name was Tina, it was made up so she didn't respond to it. She cowered behind the woman who got her out and would barely come near me, it took a lot of coaxing. She was literally scared of her own shadow.

The dogs were put in a pen (with us) and they sort of avoided each other for a bit. The worker assured me this was good, because they weren't fighting. Eventually one approached the other and they played a bit. I put her on a 24 hour hold and took my parents back the next morning.

My mum liked her, and the dog came again too so my parents could see them playing together and getting along. My dad hated her, he wanted a big dog and not a timid little runt. He complained the whole time and made me feel awful for wanting her. He wouldn't even hold her lead so I could fill out the forms.

Payment was made, instructions were given and she came home with us. The first thing I did was take her into the kitchen and give her some sandwich meat. No sitting, no asking, I just gave it to her and our other dog. We then lay on the couch, all three of us under a blanket. Roxie was nervous, and tense, but eventually she relaxed and we stayed like that for awhile.

It was an interesting first couple of days. It took three days to toilet train her, and a year to build her confidence. If you hit your fork against a plate, walked too loud, talked too loud, she scampered. I tried to walk her on a harness and she was frozen on the spot at all the noises. The shelter said she had been found wandering the streets, but that they assumed she was from an abusive household because of her reactions, especially to men. My Dad still hated her, and would yell at her when she wouldn't listen. He didn't understand that she was more scared when he yelled and it took awhile for them to get along. She wasn't at all cuddly, if you tried to snuggle with her she went rigid, stayed for thirty seconds and wiggled away.

Now she sleeps in my bed, and snuggles up by herself when it's cold. She wags her tail all the time, she's happy to see me, she can eat her dinner while you stack the dishwasher. The other day it thundered and stormed terribly and she was not at all upset. She can shake hands, roll over, jump like a ninja, high five with one or two paws, howl on command and bark on command.

I am proud of my best friend. She has grown so much and keeps growing every day (though thankfully not in size!). I can tell her all my secrets, she's always there for me. She never yells at me or hurts me, she doesn't lie, cheat or steal. If I wake from a bad dream she's by my side in a second. She always wants to hang out and she's never embarrassed of me.

Checking that website that day was the best thing I've ever done. I got more than I ever wished for with this four legged, fluffy eared friend. I love my Roxie.
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This is a beautiful story. I'm so glad you and Roxie have each other. Dogs are wonderful love.

Awwww! :)