My Basset Gang

I was once involved in a basset hound rescue. My late husband and i left due to negative politics within the organization. BUT we had our gang of anywhere from 5-7 basset hounds and our one dachshund. I am known for taking in special needs hounds such as the blind and deaf. I don't currently have any special needs hounds but if one comes in need, i am willing to take one on. They are so special and loving. 
3 days after my husbands death, i had to put down our only blind basset due to lymphoma. I was sad! I had just lost my husband but knew her loss was coming too. She was so weak. 
Someone at church asked me if i "was going to keep all them dogs". Well needless to say, i very imfactically told the person YES! and they thought better of questioning me further. We had our dogs as a unit, not just him or me into this. 
My stepdaughter knows how much i love my dogs and how much her dad did too and has told me she would always care for any pets i have at my death. That certainly gives me comfort. 
Two of my bassets particularly gravitate to her when she and her family are here. Those two were more my husbands dogs than mine but they love me too. 
My pets give me love and affection when i come home from work or wherever i happen to go. 
God has blessed me well.
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I will likely take in another special needs hound if one finds its way to me. The others i try to help and get them into the rescues that will take them. A friend in New Mexico takes almost all those that we can't otherwise find spots for. <br />
I like you greydk will always have a spot on my sofa for those in need.

Very touching thanks for sharing.I share my home with my three ex-racing greyhounds and one whippet all of them unwanted by their former owners. I love my four lads. I am not abel to have children but I do support a girl in India so that she is well provided for. My four lads have filled a void in my life. When I loose one I have a vacant spot on my sofa and since there are thousands of greyhounds needing homes there will always be a spot avaliabel for just one more greyhound they are the love of my life.Lovely recolection