I Almost Have Always Had Pets

My first pet that was mine (not family)  was Sam.  A Cockerspanial mut.  I got him from down the street,  before I even started school.  He was my best friend.  Every where I went he followed ( back then there was no leash law) Every where.  When I rode my bike to the store he followed and waited out the store door for me.  YesSam went everywhere with me except church and school, lucky dog!   Then one day he disappeared.

Then there was Hank,  He was a good dog, but I was going into adolesence then and he became more of a family dog.

Then Rocky, he was my brothers dog,  but I was looking after his house in the woods, on the creek.  I stayed there to keep peaple from breaking in.  Brothers house was built on stilts because creek flooded yearly.  Since brother and I where building the house ourselfs,  It was years before we built a strair case.  There was ladders going up the house.  (18' up)   Rocky was talented he could climb up and down the ladder.  Have you ever seen a dog climb up or down a ladder.  And he NEVER  fell.  One day coming back from ST Augustine beach with Rocky I was in a car wreck,  woke up 3 days later.  Donnt know what happened to rocky.   But about 1 7 1/2  year later was visiting brother and out of the woods walks Rocky with his girl friend,  The look in his eye he has gone wild.  I called him but he did not come.

Years pass.   I get a call from brother about a resent flood,  His cars where submerged.  So I went to help to get them going,  and straighten his lot from the damage.  And there on his water spick it is this baby squerl that has hair and is chattering away.  I reach out and he jumps on me.  That is how I met  Buck.  I got some nutrical and nusded him to health.   He lived in a cage in my house.  I would keep the door open,  He was very social.  Where I lived there was plenty of Hickory trees so I moved his cage outside.  Eventually he was running with the other squerrls.
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Feb 8, 2012