My 2 Puppies

I had two dogs and now I have one. My weiner dog Larry passed away in June from cancer. It was very painful. It was devastated like I lost my child . Considering the fact I don;t have any real ones of my own. I have a coton de tulear who I love very much. For a while she looked for Larry after his death. She is my everything. just wanted to share that.
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My little Petal died three years ago,I have not been able to have another dog since, losing her was just too painful,I too do not have children ,I had two other dogs who died before Petal,Gita and Fleur they were both boxers,me grief at losing them could not be measured ,I felt the earth was about to open and swallow me up, but I still had Petal,now she is gone,I don't feel I can go through this pain again.It makes me wonder what it must be like to lose a child! but I know our pets never leave us,they remain near us for as long as we need them,Death is not the end and I am sure you must sense your little dog near you sometimes.Take care.

That was lovely. thank u.

i have my 131/2 yr old in for cancer surgery.he has heart failure but on pills and stable.what i will do for a friend.the loss is so old was larry?

Awww so sorry to hear that he was 8.

So sad to lose a loving friend that we call pets,my condolences. I have lost 3 wonderful dogs and will never have one again!Too much pain and I still miss them.

Aww I feel your pain.

you are a nice caring one .......... :) <br />
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one day your son will be a real lucky one to have such a caring , wonderful mom :)

My alli dog is just over 13 and had developed an enlarged heart. Shes a great dog and ill miss her. I remember picking her out st the animal shelter when she was just a puppy. Ball of shaking white furr comes up to me and licks my hand and nuzzled my arm. Instant love.

Thanks AJ

mine-131/2 murmer went to can get him medsit's for blood pressure and strenghthen heart,but then sure you talked to vet.don't give up on him.

so sorry for yr loss i lost my cat last month and i can understand what it mean

Aww. I am so sorry for your loss. RIP Larry.<br />
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One thing to keep in mind when feeling down (I know how hard it is to lose a pet, and yes, they are family) is that he is no longer suffering from the horrible effects of Cancer. And also remember how great of a life you were able to give Larry. There are so many animals out there who are less fortunate.<br />
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Keep loving your remaining pup, and never let go of that love. And always keep Larry in your heart and reflect on the good memories of him. That would be a fitting tribute to his life!<br />
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Thank you so much for sharing your story. Rest in peace, Larry!

I totally appreciate it.

Thank u so much. i appreciate it.

I am so sorry for your loss, and I understand. Have lost four pets in the past four years.

Thank u soo much.