Doggy That Diagnosed Me!

My lil chuhuahua and I are so bonded. She does what she can to try and communicate what she wants to me- If her water dish is empty she will nudge it over to me w her nose. If she wants a cracker she will find an old one she hid, bring it over, drop it in my lap & look up at me- if I should happen to give her a chewwy treat & not a crunchy one, she goes & finds another & does the same thing- as if to say- "this kind mommy not the soft kind!) She is super smart- she paper trained HERSELF by watching her mom doing it on the paper.
One week she kept having an unusual interest in my eye, she would lay on my chest and sniff at my eye, nudge it with her nose, stare at me & keep looking at it and sniffing. She did this for about a week every night. On the last night she ended up scratching my eye with her toenail. I went to the eye Dr. and found out my eye pressure was so high I could go instantly blind! My dog sensed something was not right with my eye! If it hadn't been for her I wouldn't have found out I have glaucoma- until it was too late.
Frazzill Frazzill
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1 Response May 17, 2012

This is so like a smart dog. They know you and are so sensitive to what is right and wrong in your world.