i have three gerbils, all of whom are head cases.   then again, i'd probably be one if i had to live in a cage all the time!  once Dusty got loose and stayed free for 20 hours...  he was none too pleased when i finally captured him!

i love them 'cause they're comic relief.  they always seem to be happy, and if i'm feeling rotten, watching them makes me laugh.
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i had two gerbils once, they were the cutest things i ever knew.
we named them Bud and Pearl.
Get it?
(hint: the old Pearl Beer in Texas)

my brother and i had gerbils growing up. we loved them. had many through the years. that is until our mothers cat got into the cage and ate the ones we had.... neither of us have had once sense...

yeah, up until a few months ago i had a hamster, too. sadly, my little Buddy is now in that big hamster wheel in the sky... but i've got a pic of him in my album here! and i'll always have my memories of him.

i'm glad that mine arent the only gerbils that think their cage is one giant chew toy! when they get going in their wheel, the whole table their cage is on shakes!

I've got 5 gerbils and there so annoying at night when all they do is dig and chew the cage, but i love them all all the same, there great!

Most likeley he was!!! he is one determined little beastie. I was rather proud when i finally caught him. Hate to admit it, but sometimes i think he's smarter than me!