The Zoo! (pics)

I love all my animals infact last night I was in bed and just remembered I forgot to change my rabbits water and burst up, went into the shed (we put his hutch in there so he's nice and safe) and changed his water at like three in the morning lol. I've had hamsters all my life infact one lived until he was four.

 The rabbits can be a handful (I have two) but I love them all the same. The guinea pigs are just one of the best pets you could ever buy (I have a neutered boy and a girl) the noises they make is just awesome they just sit in your lap for hours I would recommend them to anyone ^^

This is Toby (he's four and is the boy GP)


And this is little Heidi (she's about six months)

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2009

ahh there so sweet ! : )

thanks girl! I used to raise rabbits---------thanks for sharing pics

thank you for sharing such cute pics.