Ilove My Toker

I love all animals. Everyone is awesome but I never had a pet like I acquired 2 years ago. I bought a baby(8 weeks old) ferret. They are so awesome. Most people have heard the horror stories but I can say from first hand experience that I've never seen a moment of viciousness from him. He's so cute and when he looks at me I melt. In my house I think I'm the pet, he has the run. Never been in a cage and fully housebroken.  I even lose my sweater if he can get in it to sleep. He's awesome Oh yeah if you didn't guess his name is Toker.

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

There like a cat in that you can train them to use a litterbox, but for playing they jump around and play fight like a dog. I've had mine for 2 years tomorrow and he is house trained and never has been in a cage. He just roams around unhindered.

So do they use a litter box like a cat or go outside like a dog?

They are totally awesome so cute and cuddly. They're like a dog, cat and rabbit all rolled into one. lol I would recomend them as a pet for anyone. And yeah the name says it all. lol

I have always wanted a ferret I bet they are awesome! Love the name too ;)