My Pets Are In Heaven

Right before Christmas in 2008 I lost my house to a fire. I also lost my beloved pets in that house fire. Tootsie and Blue were my two year old Beagles. They were sisters. They were my babies before I had a baby! They were two beautiful dogs, and I loved them very much. They were perfect in every way. I also lost Lulu, my cat who we adopted from the humane society. We lost Cheeto who was a stray that I almost hit in the road. He was orange. I took him to the humane society because I didn't have room for any more cats. They called me a few days later because they were going to put him down, so I took him home with me. I got him healthy again, and showed him a good life and love for at least a few months before he died. He was a miracle cat. He was one of those special animals that only comes around once in a lifetime. We also lost June and her four kittens Orbit, Mischief, Charlotte, and Sugar. I loved watching them grow up.

I will miss everyone so much, and even though 6 months have gone by I still cry all the time because they had to die. I wonder if it will ever get any easier to think about them.

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2 Responses Jun 27, 2009

I lost my 10 cats to fire, too, 3 months ago. This is the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life losing everything plus all my cats. I suppose things do get easier with time. I still cry, too. I miss them so much.

What a beautiful eulogy. they all sound sweet. I'm glad you were able to remember them and share like that. <br />
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I think they all went on knowing they were happy and loved. <br />
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Time will heal. It always does. <br />
<br />
You will not be able to replace them, but you will have more pets in your life. Good for them.