I have had kush since he was 8 weeks old.  He was the cutest thing I've ever seen so I had to have him.  The people I got him from tried to unprofessionally cut his ears.  They failed with the first one and just left his other one un cut.  They did that without even sedating or making kush comfortable. Kush is the sweetest dog and is VERY compatible with kids and other animals.  He has never tried bothering our cats either.  He loves everyone that comes around him and is never viscious with anyone.  If someone is knocking at the door he will raise his hair and start barking,  but as soon as the door opens he is as friendly as ever.  Kush's favorite thing to do is tear the stuffing out of his toys, play fetch with the tennis ball, and go swimming in my pool.  He also loves playing fetch while in the pool.  He is my lil buddy and comes with me everywhere!!!
tcwilliams91 tcwilliams91
Aug 21, 2010