Miraculous Regrowth

I bought this pot of hanging plant that grows down like flowing hair. It looks gorgeous & so beautiful.

When I was away in China & Nepal for more than a month, this particular plant turned white totally. It was totally dried and sooo dead when I came back. My heart ached.

But I saw there was an inch of green left in it. I refused to cut off the dead white 'hairs'. And I watched over it for months, watering it everyday. Sometimes, a few times a day. Slowly, it sprouted tiny green leaves.

Now, it looks green and beautiful again. I managed to bring it over across the customs to my new home. I shall take a photo of it so you get to see how healthy it looks like now.

I soo love them and am happy they are back.

jingles8826 jingles8826
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3 Responses Jul 2, 2008

I love flowers, plants, shrubs, trees.... love 'em all.
Hanging baskets do add so much of colour to the garden. I had them around the pergola in my back garden last year. I have planted new varieties this year and hope the present sunny weather will do justice.

Wish I knew what the nane of the plant is?

yup. This plant is really fragile though. It dies off easily and grows back quickly. Takes about a month or so to regrow.